The One with FHE

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's been a long time since I've had Family Home Evening (FHE) with my own familia. Tonight we played a wild game of LIFE Twist and Turns (it's an up-to-date version of LIFE with fake credit cards and a battery-powered machine thing spinner and stuff - way cool), then we played a round of Cranium WOW. I laugh so hard I cry every time. The teams were Malm, Dald and Allie versus Chris and Paige. Chris and Paige lost. Oh well. I tried to take a picture of the fun.

Take 1: Can't see me or Dald.Take 2 - Allie's eyes are closed
Take 3 - I'm in the way of Chris.
Take 4 - I give up.
Paige Taylor Evans © // Quinn Creatives DESIGN