The One with a Newport Beach Layout

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I love being required to scrapbook (at least) once a week.

American Crafts now makes specialty paper - metallics and foils and such - and I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit hesitant at first cuz I thought it would be really tacky................ Then I realized all you need to do is use the right colors. Nichole's challenge this week was to use White, Ash, Robin's Egg and Sunflower. I found some of these colors in the specialty papers and made a layout about our Newport Beach adventures this January.

Sunflower 12 x 12 Cardstock (71038) AC Cardstock
Robin's Egg 12 x 12 Cardstock (71063) AC Cardstock
Ash 12 x 12 Cardstock (71078) AC Cardstock
White 12 x 12 Damask Cardstock (71158) AC Specialty Paper
Gold 12 x 12 Foil: Corduroy Cardstock (71183) AC Specialty Paper
Teal Metallic 12 x 12 Foil: Corduroy Cardstock (71192) AC Specialty Paper
Vanilla 12 x 12 Pearl: Tweed Cardstock (71195) AC Specialty Paper
Dandelion 12 x 12 Pearl: Tweed Cardstock (71196) AC Specialty Paper
Black 12 x 12 Pearl: Polka Dot Cardstock (71204) AC Specialty Paper
Ash 12 x 12 Pearl: Polka Dot Cardstock (71205) AC Specialty Paper
Robin's Egg 12 x 12 Pearl: Silk Cardstock (71215) AC Specialty Paper
Aqua Medium Jewel Brad (85225) Elements
Sunflower Medium Jewel Brad (85226) Elements
Clear Medium Jewel Brad (85230) Elements
White Round Button (8211) Elements
Dandelion Round Button (8208) Elements
Pewter Round Button (82141) Elements
Baby Fleece (77192) New House
Character Fleece (77202) Green House
Everyday Felt Flowers (77177) My House
Ella Paper Flowers (77033) Green House
Emma Felt Flowers (77021) Green House
Cosmo 5 Ribbon (89017) Haute collection
Tegan 4 Ribbon (88616) Indie collection
Chestnut Chit Chat Puffy (42901) Thickers
Silver Metallic Tinsel Chipboard (42894) Thickers
Charcoal Dolce Fabric Chipboard (42925) Thickers
Aqua Dolce Fabric Chipboard (42928) Thickers
Mustard Typo Chipboard (42979) Thickers
Peacock Typo Chipboard (42980) Thickers
Ash Text Chipboard (42982) Thickers
Chestnut Jewelry Box Chipboard (42848) Thickers
Gold Metallic Jewelry Box Chipboard (42851) Thickers
Sunflower Vera Vinyl (42932) Thickers
White Rockabye Foam (42954) Thickers
Charcoal Lullaby Foam (42957) Thickers
Black Hannah & Henry Stickers (42541) Remarks
.03 Black Precision Pen (62311) Pens

Other: Brown embroidery floss, needle

Create a patchwork layout by cutting cardstock and specialty paper to 3" square and adhere them to a 12 x 12 cardstock background. Replace some of the squares with pictures and a journaling block.


  1. If a person ordered all those materials to make your sample page, wouldn't it cost about a hundred dollars?

  2. Yes Dald, yes it would. But it's like woodworking - you've got to spend $2000 on tools in order to build your first thing :)

  3. i will pay the hundred dollars for you to make me the same page. it is loverly.

    yes it is word. but not one in the dictionary.

  4. Paige, this is Paula your old, old roommate! I recently saw your blog on your facebook page and I love your posts. I've really gotten into card making and I have tons of scrapbooking supplies-- always looking for fun ideas.

    Did you know that I moved to Long Beach? I work in Newport Beach, so I really love this sample.

    Hope all is well!!


  5. Newport Beach, huh? It would be awesome to live by that someday! :)


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