The One with Valentine's Day 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Not too shabby of a day! When my family is in town it feels like I'm on vacation. I actually felt like a tourist in my own city today with how many pictures I took.

While my mom and dad slept, Allie, Chris and I went to Target to peruse and on the way we saw this funny piece of "art." Dwight Schrute graffitied on this power box, or whatever it is. Too funny.Here's my Dald after driving overnight and popping way too many stay-awake pills... He looks angry, but he really wasn't!
We went to Cafe Rio for lunch. Mmmmmm. Why was my family scattered all over the parking lot?Then we went and saw Twilight at the dollar theater. I saw Twilight the first time with Allie so of course we had to take another picture of the happy moment.
If you've seen the movie, did you notice the part where Bella drops her apple and Edward smoothly catches it in his hands? It's totally the image on the cover of the Twilight book. Creative.

It was a blizzard outside after the movie - hence our not so happy expression. Actually we were trying not to laugh.
Back at home I checked the mail and lo and behold, guess what we got? Talk about Twilight overload!

I don't know where to fit this picture into my post, so here it is. Just a pic of me petting the family dog - Sneakers. He's a Shetland Sheepdog- or Sheltie for short. He's deaf, he chews his paws until they're bloody, but who can resist this sweet face?
Then Allie and I went to a really neat vintage shop on University Ave called Coal Umbrella. I'd never heard of it. Who knew there was such a place just a few blocks away?
I swear, Allie looks good in anything she tries on.
A few stores down is Modbe. I'd never been there before either. I gotta get out more. They have a really neat display of paper clips strung together and hanging from nails. So easy. So simple. So cool.
"Allie in Front of a Bus"
It finally stopped snowing and the sun decided to grace us with its presence.
We met both sets of grandparents and my parents at Carrabas for dinner. My margherita pizza was delicious. And that was my super fun Saturday!

Happy Valentine's Day 2009!

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  1. i am so glad you found coal umbrella and modbe... they are my favorite stop on the gallery stroll.

    ok so they aren't a gallery, but they inspire me anyway... now if i could afford more then i would be truly inspired... ;)

    have fun with your family. miss you tomorrow.


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