The One with the Wednesday Night Ritual

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Every Wednesday night for the last three weeks Nate'n'Annie (I just love saying that over and over and over!) have come to our humble abode to watch LOST. It's become a fun tradition so I had to take a picture to always remember it. LOST is soooooo good. Once you start watching, you can't stop. I dare you to rent season 1 if you aren't already hooked. Five bucks says you become addicted.


  1. yes... yes... i know.

    i am still not sure if i should thank you or shake you for letting me borrow season one.

    don't do it people. walk away.

  2. Thanks for always letting us come. It has definitely become a fun ritual!

  3. i read on-line today that LOST might be dropped before they finish the series. they have had really bad ratings...i would die if this happens! even though i am getting a little frustrated (5 seasons and still a lot of confusion) i still love the show. they are suppose to go until 2010....we will see.


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