The One with Skiing at Sundance

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've been skiing 6 times in my life, including today. I took a half day at work, picked Chris up from school then we rented me some skiis, boots and poles for me. I'm ill-equipped :) My uncle David and cousin Benji crammed into the back of the suburban and we were on our way.It was snowing very hard when we got up to Sundance. But I was nice and toasty in my layers so it didn't bother me much.
Me and Allie all geared up and ready to hit the slopes.
Me and Chris all geared up and ready to hit the slopes.
Chris, Paige and Allie sitting on the lift. Somehow we got on lift #28 two times in a row. Ooohweeeooooh.
These are a few snapshots I took on the lift looking down. Taint much of a view cuz the snow, but a little photoshopping fingerwork adds some interest.
Proof that I was indeed on the top of a mountain.
This is my favorite shot of the day.Allie was the odd one out with her snowboard. Don't get Chris started.... :)All of the cars in the parking lot were buried under snow by the time we were done.I'm proud of myself for not giving up and retiring to the ski lodge. I stuck it out 'til the bitter end and had a great time. For sure I'm gonna feel it my legs tomorrow. Skiing is tough work!

My family is driving back to Seattle tomorrow. It sure was fun having them here!


  1. Paige!! I am so glad you had fun with your family and they were able to come down here. Those pictures are AMAZING that you took! Great work! :)

  2. you are a very talented photog. i enjoy your pics. it gets me very motivated to start my photography classes next month!

  3. Skiing at Sundance was super fun. You're an animal on the slopes!

  4. I love the photos, they're awesome.
    My dh came home tonight with some ski passes, and the first thing I said to him was 'but I don't ski'.
    To which he replied, 'well, looks like you'll be learning'. So I guess I may be posting similar photos soon... ;p

  5. SO much fun! I love the pictures. I wonder if we will ever get a chance to ski here before we move out of Utah...we just need to find some money and an all-day babysitter!


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