The One with Movement

Thursday, June 10, 2010

At my last doctor appointment, as I was rolling down my shirt after the ultrasound and getting ready to leave, I asked my doctor about feeling the baby move and if I should feel him every day, how often, if what I think I'm feeling is really him moving, etc. She responded, "Well, your placenta is in the front so he would have to kick pretty strong for you to feel anything and what you do feel is your placenta hitting your stomach. You probably won't feel anything very strong for awhile." Bummer dude. As soon as I left the building my mind started going a mile a minute about what having an anterior placenta means (why oh why didn't I ask my doctor THEN?) so the second I walked in my apartment I ran to my computer and googled something along the lines of "fetal movement with placenta in the front" and was overloaded with scary things about "placenta previa" yada yada yada. Basically, I'm hoping my placenta eventually moves up to the normal fundal position. Or it could slip down, and cause placenta previa which would result in a C-section. Too much to think/worry about. I'll just stare at this super cute Fox instead.
From the moment my doctor asked me at my 15 week checkup whether I could feel the baby move I've been paying attention ever so closely. Around 16 weeks I swore I could feel little butterflies, but I've never been pregnant before and I didn't think they were coming from the right part of my stomach, so I brushed it off as wishful thinking and continued to be patient (haha, yeah right).

On Sunday May 23rd, as I was sitting in church, I felt Fox move for sure. For sure for sure for sure. If that wasn't him kicking, then there was something else inside of me moving around and nudging, and I've seen one too many X-Files to be okay with that... Since then, he hasn't really established a pattern. Some days I can feel him move a lot, other times it's only once every few hours at best. I can feel him the most when I'm lying in a ball on my left side, or when I'm just sitting down at the computer. Still, with all this placenta stuff, I had doubts that I was just making it all up in my head.

Then last night, as Chris and I were watching a movie on the couch, Fox was kicking up a storm so I grabbed Chris' hand and put it on my belly. I didn't tell him when I could feel anything, but when he asked me, "Was that something?" and I had felt a li'l something at the exact same time, well, I guess I'm not really going crazy because if we all felt it, then it must be true! I still asked, "That was him, right?" And Chris calmly reassured me that yes, that was indeed Fox because that doesn't happen in normal people's bellies :)

I love feeling him move around because it assures me that he's alive and literally kicking. It's the strangest feeling in the world though - indescribable. There's something moving around in my belly! Weird! Awesome! Strange! Amazing!
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