The One with a Visit from Nichole and Justin

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nichole used to pop up in my blog posts frequently back in the days when we lived in Happy Valley (aka Provo, UT). I saw her every weekday at work, we went to concerts together (okay, just one concert, but it was so good it deserves to count as more than one), took a road trip through Vegas to Anaheim to see Paris Hilton/go to CHA together, we'd eat dinner and watch movies over at their house every now and then...Then we moved to California and we hadn't seen them since, though g-chats and phone texts occurred once in awhile. Then a few months ago we discovered we're having babies within two weeks of each other! She's having a little girl. I'm having a little boy. Do I hear the sound of wedding bells 21 years down the road??
Nichole and Justin were in town this weekend and were nice enough to grace us with their presence for a couple hours today. It was so fun to talk babies and pregnancy with someone due so close to me and eat good Thai food. They reserved a date night with us when we go to Utah in August for my cousin's wedding.

Hope no one is sick of belly shots yet cuz that's all we took today!
Miss you Nichole, I like you a lot.
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