The One with Homeward Bound!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm going home today! I'm so excited to rest and relax. These swelling feet of mine could use a break. I bought a new book (The Hunger Games) to keep me occupado on the plane. I've heard it's good and I'm depending on it to distract me while in the air cuz I HATE FLYING.
I was also looking forward to the cooler weather and rain which Seattle is known for, it's been too hot and sunny here lately (boo hoo, I know right :) but apparently I'm bringing the sunshine right along with me:
92 degrees tomorrow? Yikes! Good thing Allie and I are planning to hit the city where it will be a little cooler. But when all is said and done, nothing compares to a sunny day in Washington. Nothing. The beauty is incomprehensible.
Posts from Washington are coming for the next few days, woohoo!

PS - I've reached a big milestone today - only 100 days left 'til Fox makes his debut! That means tomorrow we're down to double digits!!!!!
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