The One with the Christmas Giveaway!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

You remember all the loot I won on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last week?
I gave away my charging dock to my cousin Daniel because I don't own any of the devices it charges. Plus Fox drew his name for the Taylor Christmas Present Gift Exchange so it worked out nicely.
I gave away the Xbox to my little sister for Christmas because frankly, Chris and I don't have a use for a gaming system. Unless it's a Wii and then I could play Donkey Kong all the live long day.
I gave away the Kinect to my littler brother because he already has an Xbox and I didn't know what else to give him for Christmas. And he asked for it over and over and over again. Leave me alone bro!
I gave the Google TV to my bird... What do you mean you ask? He chewed through one of the cables and broke it so now my dad has to fix it.... silly Jadis.
And I kept the Barnes & Noble gift card and printer for myself :)
So all that leaves is the camera and I'll be honest - I like my camera better.
What to do, what to do, what to do?... I can't take it back to any store, they need a receipt...
I know!
I'll give it away on my blog!
Here's the camera you're gonna get if you win:
Specs: It's a Nikon Coolpix S80, it's got a 3.5" LCD touch screen, can record HD movies, 5x zoom, and 14.1 megapixels. It doesn't come with a memory card, my deepest condolences. It retails for $280 on the Nikon website so this is a pretty big deal if I do say so myself :) Keep it for yourself and take amazing pictures or give it to a loved one for Christmas.

Here's how to win: Enter one comment and one comment only about what you would do with a brand new camera by 7am PST on Wednesday December 15th 2010 and I'll post the winner at 7:05am that same day.
Merry Christmas!
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