The One with the Good Day!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

But before I get to the good stuff, I must tell the tale of Saturday night.
Worst. Night. Ever.
The doctor came in in the early evening looking all grim and forlorn. Oh no. My baby is going to die, I thought. Turns out his urine and blood work had grown bacteria. But the bacteria in the blood sample was a kind of skin bacteria and the urine sample wasn't taken through a catheter so it all could be contaminated. Long story short, they wanted to re-do the samples. Great. More needles and pain.
Right after Fox ate we called in the nurse to do the catheter to get a new urine sample. I was worried there wouldn't be any urine because when we first brought him into the ER on Wednesday night they tried a catheter but he was so dehydrated they didn't get a single drop. But hallelujah and prayers answered they got a good sample. Much to Fox's chagrin.
Then a lady came in to get the blood sample and I can't even write my feelings or what happened. Let's just say she kept STABBING my baby with a needle and I was FREAKING OUT and CRYING like I've never cried before and Fox was about to have a little baby heart attack.
And it was all for naught.
The lady didn't hit a vein.
OMG I don't think I've ever seen Chris so mad. The lady said she couldn't do it, and we weren't gonna let her try again, so she said she'd send someone else. I probably didn't help the situation with my ecstaticness, but come on, you don't just stab and stab and stab again and HOPE you find a vein...
Then a respiratory technician came in to do a saline solution spray and Fox didn't really like that so he cried again.
Then another blood sample taker came in and I had to leave. I couldn't watch Fox go through that again. Instead, after the procedure was over (the lady got blood the first poke thank goodness), I came in to save the day. I rocked and cradled and held Fox until he went to sleep.
For the first time since he was born Fox slept through the night - 10pm to 6am. Too bad it was under such dire circumstances.
This morning I heard Dr. Golden was there. He was the only doctor that seemed genuinely interested and concerned, not to mention he's super duper uber smart. I asked for him to come in and when he did he laid it down and said he thought the test results were a bunch of bologna so he stopped the antibiotics that were already being administered to Fox. Hooray! He also said Fox was doing well enough for us to go home! YAYAYAYAY!
We packed up and headed out and now we're home and it's the best Christmas present ever.
Goodbye cramped - but so glad it was private - hospital room!
Goodbye most uncomfortable but amazingly I didn't get sore bed:
Pack'em in and move'em out!
Let's go home Fox!
We won't be driving to Utah/Colorado for Christmas tomorrow like we originally planned and we'll have to forgo our trip to Seattle in January.
But it's sooooo worth it to have my healthy, happy, baby back.


  1. So glad he's well on his way to good health again! And I can not imagine how horrible that must have been for you to have to go through.

  2. So glad he's healthy and back home with mommy and daddy!! :)

  3. ugh, that sounds awful -- but i'm so so glad he's home safe now! poor little baby. [and pretty engagement pictures above -- i like tanya's ring a lot!]

  4. Oh my goodness Paige - you guys are so brave. They did that to my son when he was 1 trying to get a blood sample and I cried worse than he did. I can't imagine seeing that done to an infant.
    Here's to a healthy and peaceful first Christmas for that adorable little man - and his mom & dad, too!

  5. oh, I recently had the experience of an IV with made me crazy. They stuck both arms, and his foot...then gave up. I was sooo upset/mad. I wanted to punch the girl.

  6. That poor little guy...and you guys! I'm so happy he is back home and healthy and happy now! Enjoy your Christmas, Paige! :)

  7. I am so glad he is home!!! Give him lots of hugs and kisses!

  8. i'm so sorry. i would have been hysterical. :(


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