The One with SO MUCH RAIN!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm from the northwest so rain doesn't bother me. In fact, I love it and miss it often here in constantly sunny SoCal. But holy moly it has been raining for nearly a week and no one here knows how to deal with it. It's all over the news. There are mudslides, people are being evacuated from their homes, rivers and sidewalks are flooded over, so on and so forth. Stories can be found here, here, and lots of other places.
I've been stuck inside all day working my buns off, but when it got so loud I couldn't hear myself think I ventured outside (in my pajamas no less) to capture the craziness.

I almost got DOUSED by a car driving through the river that is our front yard.

This one is sideways, but you get the idea:

See that blur? That's a car driving through the river.
"Rain rain go away. Come again another day. Little Foxy wants to play. Rain rain go away."
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