The One with Fox at Eight Months

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Look how much Fox has grown since he was 3 months old!
I've been saying he's 8 months old since he was like 7 months and 1 week. I'm not going to do that anymore! I'm going to say he's 8 months old until the day he turns 9 months. Yup. That's what I'm gonna do. Here are his stats taken at home (official ones are coming next month):

Length: 29.5" (between 90-95%)
Weight: 20.4 pounds (between 50-75%)
Head circumference: 18.5" (between 90-95%)

Fox is definitely on the bigger end of the scale, but neither Chris nor I are particularly tall or heavy so I'm sure he'll even out eventually.
Here's a bit about Fox at 8 months:
We've put away ALL of his 3-6 months clothes. Sigh.
We lowered his crib. More than putting away any of his clothes or contraptions, this makes me most sad. We're never going to raise his crib! This is a done and final deal! My baby really is getting bigger! Wahhh!

This is typical Fox. Always interested in his surroundings, taking off his shoes, and moving and flailing his limbs so 99% of my pictures are a blurry mess :)
We moved him up to size 4 diapers after he leaked through his size 3 several nights in a row. I still have to change him halfway through the night or else his diaper explodes. Maybe it's the brand of diaper we use... we'll have to investigate and shop around.
He now rolls over from front to back both ways. He's not even close to crawling yet which worries me but everyone says it's a good thing because once he gets to that point it's a whole new level of crazy. He just flops around like a fish out of water... I feel like it's my fault he's not more physically developed. I need to make a better effort to get down on the floor and play with him and encourage crawling.
He has the cutest bits of hair that are growing over his ears. I call them his wings.

He knows that if he moves his head around things that are obstructing his view he'll be able to see what he wants to see. Especially when he's trying to look at himself in the mirror. It's adorable.
Speaking of looking at himself, my computer screensaver rotates through pictures Amelia Lyon took of us last November and every time a picture of baby Fox comes up on the screen and big boy Fox sees himself, he smiles really big. Either he likes babies or he recognizes himself! It's so totally cute.
Oh my goodness Fox is so ticklish. Under his chin. Under his arm pits. On his belly. Just give him a little "wubba wubba" and he'll start laughing hysterically.

We're not doing so well on the "weaning off the pacifier" recommendation... It's called a pacifier for a reason!

Fox can hold his own bottle which is convenient. We're about 75% solids and 20% breastmilk and 5% formula. He loves everything we've given him so that's nice that he's not picky.
Fox's eyes are still a beautiful shade of grey. His "baby greys" I call them.
He still doesn't have any teeth... For months we've been thinking he's been teething cuz he cries, but I guess that's just what babies do! But we really do think they're coming in, we can kinda sorta maybe almost feel something in his gums working their way through...
Fox blinks at loud rhythmic noises like clapping or smacking of the lips. See:
Fox does this funny thing with his wrists when we first put him in his highchair and we're about to feed him.
We have a song that goes along with his new move: I gotta new dance and it's called the Twist. Stick your arms out and wiggle your wrists.

Real soon I'm going to do a post dedicated to Fox and the hound. The hound being Joey. It is so fun to watch their relationship grow and develop. Fox genuinely likes Joey and is 100% infatuated and entertained by him. I'm so glad they get along.
When I'm playing with Fox, Joey gets a little jealous so he brings me a toy which I throw and then when he's running back Fox squirms around and shrieks and gets so happy. Proof:
Fox's reaction isn't as profound in this video, but he still has that look of adoration and welcomes Joey with open arms.
Fox loves Rachel. Rachel doesn't quite reciprocate, but she's getting better at tolerating him being near her.
We cut Fox's fingernails practically every week but we have yet to clip his toenails. What's up with that? Are they not growing!?

What's a day in the life of 8 month old Fox like? Lemme tell ya! He typically wakes up around 7am. We feed him a jar of food for breakfast and top him off with milk. We play for a couple hours then he takes a nap from about 10-11am. When he wakes up we feed him another jar of food for lunch and another milk top off. Then we play, go on walks, read, sing songs, watch the dog, sit outside on the grass, run errands, bounce around, etc. He goes down for another nap at 2 or so until 3 or 4 or 5. His naps are so sporadic. We start the bedtime routine at 6:30 with a jar of food for dinner, a warm bath, and then I feed and rock him to sleep at 7pm. He usually wakes up around 3am and I do go in and feed him... I figure it's been 8 hours he's probably hungry... A couple of times he's slept from 7-6 so I'm hoping one of these days (but probably more like weeks or months...) he'll cut out his 3am snack.
We love this boy so much it's indescribable!
Happy 8 month birthday fantastic Mr. Fox!
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