The One with The Bachelorette

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guess it's about time I start watching The Bachelorette eh?
I just wanna fit in! :)
I haven't watched any of the seasons except I went to a Bachelor finale party a few months ago and I was instantly hooked. I didn't know a new season had started until I saw Twitter ablaze with comments about masks and a Utahrd. I had to see for myself. Last night after Fox went to sleep Chris and I (best.husband.ever.) sat our tooshies down on the couch and watched both episodes via Hulu. It's SO good and SO bad at the same time.
Excuse me for being judgy mcjudgerson, but:
How lame was that guy who got totally toasted at the first meet and greet?
Bentley is a pig. No wonder he's divorced. (Is that mean?) Ew he gives me the creeps.
Seriously, the masked guy, I get the point he's trying to make but I think he's taking it a weeee bit too far. And blast that other guy for walking in right when he was about to take the mask off! (I think the producers made him interrupt on purpose just to keep people watching and wondering.)
Ashley is super cute and whatdoyaknow she's in dental school - we sort of have something in common.
I don't have a favorite contestant yet, they still kind of all blend together in my mind.

Can't wait 'til Monday!


  1. Ha ha I love that show! It's addicting! They always have crazy people from Utah on it! Dumb!

  2. Ohhhh It's so addicting! I actually saw Ashley on the date with William at the Bellagio when we were in Vegas a few months ago! I was so hoping we'd be on tv! :) And Clint makes sure I wait to watch it when he's around but he won't admit that to anyone. :)

  3. HAHAHA!! Your post made me giggle.
    We are also big Bachelor/Bachelorette fans! Started last season with Brad...

    I ditto you on all the crazy's!
    I've got a few faves already but I think one disappoints her tomorrow...ugh.

    Bentley is the creepiest creep ever. I mean really.

  4. No kidding, Bentley reaaallly creeps me out (I was also thinking, "I can see why that marriage didn't work out!") And I agree about the mask--I think that guy just comes across as WAY too serious.

  5. ahh, i've been hooked on this show FOR.EVER! LOVE! i'm just glad that Bentley at least tells her the truth by this next episode. there are usually always guys / girls like this in every season who make it so much farther before the truth comes out. him and the mask guy have gotsta go! allison told me if you go on google images and search for him you can see what he looks like without the mask. i swear they purposefully picked a picture that made him looks creepy.

    as far as favorites: i have my money on ryan (the solar panel guy) or jp (the construction worker)!!

  6. ooo Paige, you're going to be hooked!!! If you ever want to join us we watch every Monday night at our place :)

  7. Chris, my hubby also HATES this show! He tried *really* hard to get into it once (you know, for me)... he nearly made it all the way through the Jake season. ;-)

    Paige, I watch it too... we have Bachelorette nights with church ladies. LOL. :-p I mainly go to socialize and eat tasty snacks. Shhh... don't tell them that. ;-)

    p.s. The word verification right now? Is "scared." Yes, I'm scared of how crazy this show is. ;-)


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