The One with Mobile Phone Uploads

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sometimes, albeit very rarely, I don't have my point-and-shoot camera handy. Like when I'm taking walks through the neighborhood, or shopping at the grocery store down the street, or when my camera battery is charging, or when my camera is in my purse and I'm at the computer, etc. But I ALWAYS have my phone within arms reach to snap away! These are pics from our everyday life brought to you by my mobile telephone.
1. Fox outside It's a Small World a few weeks ago. He's a lucky boy.
2. A beautiful flower in our communal "front yard."
3. My messy bookbinding workspace. I've got all the covers made, the pages prepped, and the colors of string chosen. Next: drilling holes for sewing and then binding them.
4. It's June which means the purple trees are back!
5. A hot pink flower tree we passed on a walk.
6. Mr. Fox swingin' away. I just love this boy.
7. More pretty purple trees.
8. View of downtown LA via a high rise at a monthly sample sale in the Fashion District.
9. I threw a temper tantrum a couple weeks ago because the house was a mess and I only added to the mess and stress by chucking laundry everywhere... I felt stupid after acting out irrationally.
10. My new 'do.
11. Going on 72 hours without sweets. Hello fruits and veggies!
12. At the park there was a group of kids playing and running around. Fox was looking at them with the deepest longing to be one of them. You can literally read his face: He wants to be doing what they're doing!
13. Fox got his first balloon today! He was fascinated!
14. Do we like movies much?
15. Fox and his red balloon.
16. Fox playing on his mat.
17. Our bedspread. We've had the same one since we've been married, so it's about 4 years old. Is it time to switch or what's the average lifespan of bedding?
18. Another beautiful hot pink tree we pass on our walk route.
19. A lovely chandelier in the sample sale building.
20. I've taken down all my layouts strung up on the wall because little bits and pieces were falling off... they've been replaced with calendars and colorful pom poms.
21. Li'l Chinchilla chillin' away.
22. There's a wall around the park and Joey jumps up to peak over every few feet. He doesn't want to miss a single second of the action happening over the mysterious wall!
23. Mr. Fox being a good boy in his car seat.
24. Another "longing" face.
25. Rachel caught yawning.

There you have it! A little dose of Evans!


  1. Love all these photos! So cool! And yeah, Fox is the CUTEST! I know I say this ALL the time, but really, he is. LOL. :-)

  2. The Rachel picture is really funny. Silly cat!

  3. Those purple trees are one of my favorite things about South Pasadena. I can't believe how gorgeous they are. I love all these pictures.

  4. What an awesome idea to post all the photos from your phone like this. What a great idea. We have some purple trees around here too, the make me happy, but then the rain came and all the flowers fell off the tress, now they're just brown and not so pretty!


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