The One with Using Groupons: Robin's

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Every Thursday there is a Farmer's Market in South Pasadena and a couple weeks ago we tried some delicious BBQ. Then a few days later Groupon offered a Groupon to the actual restaurant of this BBQ place - Robin's BBQ - so of course I had to jump on that! I've been in the mood for BBQ ever since I went to visit Reyanna in Texas and had brisket for the very first time. I want to live in Texas just so I can eat brisket every day for the rest of my life!

The menu.
Fox picking out his meal. Or rather, just shaking the menu like a Polaroid picture.
Making silly faces to pass the time while waiting for our food.
Taking random pictures to document the experience. Like the checkerboard pattern of the table.
I got some kind of BBQ meat sandwich with a side of baked beans.
10 out of 10. Thank you Groupon!


  1. nom nom nom. This looks so good! dang it I wish I was in South Pas right now!


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