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Sunday, July 17, 2011

I've been thinking a lot about parties lately (we're putting on V's baby shower in a few weeks!) so of course I've turned to my favorite inspirational site - Pinterest! Here are a few party ideas that I particularly am drawn to:

For a baby girl shower or a little girl. One can never have too much pink!
Zoomed in on the background curtain thingy and ceiling that are so amazing.

I love the colors of this party. It could be for a boy or girl birthday or just a summer get-together with friends.

Another girls' party complete with embellished tree, banner, and party hats.

Sign me up for the candy bar party!

Here's a fun idea: get drinks in a whole bunch of different colors and line them up rainbow style!

Clean and classy baby shower.

Every little girls' dream birthday!

I want to make this wreath stat!

Cutest party hats ever!

A more masculine party - my better half is turning 26 on August 3rd, the day after he takes a huge/major/complicated/I'm-so-glad-it's-him-and-not-me test, so hopefully I can reward him with a fun birthday partay :)

And then, Chris, dear hubby, can you pretty please learn how to twist these balloon animals and shapes? Merci beaucoup.

Most of these party ideas come from Kara's Party Ideas. It's the best site I've found so far for any kind of party you can think of - but I'm always open to suggestions and new places for inspiration :)

It's time to party!


  1. those are super cute, kara's party ideas is the best. you should also check out :)

  2. I love all the party ideas! The candy bar party picture is what I used to for inspiration for the candy bar at my daughter's wedding reception! So pretty and bright!!


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