The One with Today I...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I got this idea from Nancy Doren's blog:

Today I went to the bank, post office, Target, and to a friend's apartment to borrow a book.
Today I hoped to get everything on my "list of things to do today" checked off. Blogging is last on this list - so mission almost accomplished!
Today I dreamed of Fox's Halloween birthday party and all the things I want to do for it and how I'm going to make it come to pass.
Today I forgot to take the sunglasses that were sitting on top of my purse out before grabbing my purse so they fell behind the dryer and I had to move a bunch of stuff to retrieve them.
Today I heard a new single by Bush (Sound of Winter) which I totally dig. And I'm not really a Bush fan per-say except a few of their songs like Machine Head, Glycerine, Come Down, and that's about all I know. Perhaps I'll be their newest fan.
Today I read the intro to The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom: "The Hiding Place is a book you will not be able to put down... only when you have turned the last page will you realize that you have read more than a spellbinding adventure. You hold in your hand a book which will change your life forever!" I'm very intrigued and hope it lives up to its promise!
Today I watched Fox have a tantrum. And now you can watch it too :)

Today I broke the mirror hanging in my closet. 7 years of bad luck for me?!?
Today I said LYB! (love you bye)
Today I believed that miracles can and really do happen.
Today I felt optimistic, tired, excited, blessed, happy, loved.
Today I wondered what should I do while Chris is in Mexico for a few days in October? Drive to Utah? Play in Vegas? Stay home?
Today I bought Fox a really cool wooden activity cube. Hopefully he'll love to play with it as much as I love to look at it.
Today I cleaned the stove. And I vacuumed. Cuz Joey is shedding his summer coat and there's hair e'rywhere.
Today I was me.
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