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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I got this idea from Nancy Doren's blog:

Today I went to the bank, post office, Target, and to a friend's apartment to borrow a book.
Today I hoped to get everything on my "list of things to do today" checked off. Blogging is last on this list - so mission almost accomplished!
Today I dreamed of Fox's Halloween birthday party and all the things I want to do for it and how I'm going to make it come to pass.
Today I forgot to take the sunglasses that were sitting on top of my purse out before grabbing my purse so they fell behind the dryer and I had to move a bunch of stuff to retrieve them.
Today I heard a new single by Bush (Sound of Winter) which I totally dig. And I'm not really a Bush fan per-say except a few of their songs like Machine Head, Glycerine, Come Down, and that's about all I know. Perhaps I'll be their newest fan.
Today I read the intro to The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom: "The Hiding Place is a book you will not be able to put down... only when you have turned the last page will you realize that you have read more than a spellbinding adventure. You hold in your hand a book which will change your life forever!" I'm very intrigued and hope it lives up to its promise!
Today I watched Fox have a tantrum. And now you can watch it too :)

Today I broke the mirror hanging in my closet. 7 years of bad luck for me?!?
Today I said LYB! (love you bye)
Today I believed that miracles can and really do happen.
Today I felt optimistic, tired, excited, blessed, happy, loved.
Today I wondered what should I do while Chris is in Mexico for a few days in October? Drive to Utah? Play in Vegas? Stay home?
Today I bought Fox a really cool wooden activity cube. Hopefully he'll love to play with it as much as I love to look at it.
Today I cleaned the stove. And I vacuumed. Cuz Joey is shedding his summer coat and there's hair e'rywhere.
Today I was me.


  1. Loved "The Hiding Place." It's very inspiring and I still think about it years later (I think I read it in high school). I often realize I need an attitude adjustment because of that book.

  2. Poor Fox....why was he mad, he is so like mama videoing him while he is trying to make his point...oh my! lol

  3. Oh my goodness - he is so cute having his tantrum!!! From personal experience the tantrums turn less cute - heehee.

    I loved the Hiding Place and have read it many many times. And because of your post I am going to get it out of the library again (my copy is back at home with my parents) to read it once more. It is a really good inspirational read. And it meant even more to me since I have a sister - and since you do too I bet it might touch you that way as well.

    Come back and let us know if you liked it or not!

  4. OHHH! How cute is little Fox having a tantrum!!! SOOOO cute:) Well...I feel bad he was sad...but I just want to pick him up and hug him!!!

    Great book--hope you do a review of it!!!

    Great list of things that you have completed! I need to write mine out (maybe for a LO!!!). Maybe I shouldn't....then I would see what I didn't get done! LOL!

    I always love visiting here!! TFS:)

  5. i LOVE the hiding place!!! you will love it too i think :) I want to read the book thief next!

  6. Love your list, Paige! I read parts of the Hiding Place when I was a teenager and it was very moving.

  7. His little tantrum is soo fake! It's hilarious! You can see him look to you to see if he is getting what he wants or not. Silly guy!

  8. I watched the video like 3 times! I'm sorry he's sad, but it IS really cute! I like your list and the cool toy.

  9. Fun post! Minus the tantrums. lol Gotta love that part of childhood. And The Hiding Place is a really, really great book. I read it as a teen and still remember parts!

  10. Aww.. he is adorable, tantrum and all!


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