The One with Looking Forward To in 1 Second - 10 Years

Friday, October 21, 2011

What I'm looking forward to in:

1 minute: Publishing this post!
1 hour: Dinner, bath, and bedtime which means Mommy & Daddy time then watching Fringe (totally awesome show IMHO).
1 day: Working at a bat mitzvah! These never (ever!) get old. Pics to come :)
1 week: A morning "Boo at the Zoo", our ward "trunk-or-treat" at night, and then Halloween a few days later!
1 month: Going to Washington for an entire week to keep my dad company and take care of the rowdy dog while my mom is with her parents in Panama.
1 year: Finding out where we'll be living the next four years with the army. Keeping busy with a terrible two year old. Hopefully still a SAHWM (stay-at-home-working-mom).
10 years: Established in a home of our very own. A back yard. A scrap room. 4 or 5 kids (there, I said it, that's how many kids we want eventually!). A few dogs, a couple cats, maybe a pygmy goat or something'. Loving life.
What are you looking forward to?
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