The One with the Predicament

Friday, June 8, 2012

The short version:
I bought a custom carseat cover on etsy two months ago and still haven't received it.
What would you do?

The long version:
Back in April when I first started "nesting" and acquiring the big ticket items for Jane (crib, mattress, wardrobe, etc) I decided I wanted a custom carseat cover made. I'm all about one-of-a-kind!
Where else to turn to for such an item than etsy?! After emailing several different shop owners I decided to work with Whimsical Pudding because they replied the fastest and let me have the most creative control. Over a period of a few days we emailed back and forth 15 times to get everything squared away, such as choosing the fabrics:
The main fabric:
The accent fabric:
We also decided whether I wanted a full replacement cover or slipcover (full replacement),  and most importantly, my wallet was $92.00 lighter. I don't like paying for things before they're in my hands, but such is life sometimes. Bonus: they even emailed me to let me know the fabric I ordered had arrived just a few days later. I love updates!

Fast forward to May 23rd, 5.5 weeks after my initial purchase (the original turnaround time was supposed to be 22 business days or roughly 4 weeks), I was informed that my carseat cover wasn't completed yet due to a huge order they had to complete and as compensation I'd received free shipping plus $15 credit to their store. I replied and said no worries, I still have a couple months 'til baby Jane is due, and thanks for keeping me informed. 

Fast forward another week, I hadn't heard anything so I emailed them and inquired the status. 
No response. 

Fast forward to yesterday, June 7th, 8 weeks since my purchase, I emailed them through etsy AND directly and inquired about my carseat cover. 
Still no response. 

So now I'm wondering, what should I do?
Do I wait a few more days and try emailing them again?
Do I start the process of filing a non-delivery report which can take up to 5 weeks?
Do I say forget it and call my credit card company and get my money back (cuz I could sure use my $92 for something else!)? But I really want this carseat cover!
Do you think they've had some kind of emergency and aren't able to answer my emails?
Do I not worry about it and just hope it all works out?
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