The One with an Induction Date

Friday, July 6, 2012

We're down to the wire folks! Today I'm 37 weeks which means that Jane is full term! We made it! 
I went to the doctor yesterday, I go every week now until she's born, so up to three more appointments. I love this doctor because the first thing she asks at every appointment is if I have any questions. Since this is my second time being pregnant, most of my first timer questions are answered, but yesterday I did have a question: when can I be induced? The timing is so tricky with this one and not knowing when she's going to make her debut is the hardest part of all! Also, and I'm getting sidetracked here, but it seems like most girls I know who have their second baby pop them out suuuper fast once labor starts. I remember with Fox, once they broke my water after I'd been in the hospital for 14 hours, my contractions started HURTING and I got an epidural right away. I am so scared that my water is going to break and we won't be able to get to the hospital fast enough and I'm going to deliver Jane in the car. That's why I've dog-eared the "how to deliver a baby by yourself" page in my "What to Expect" book and am going to make Chris read and memorize it tonight :) 
Anyway, so I asked the doctor when I can be induced, or I think my exact words were, "How long after a baby is due do you make people wait to get induced?" 7-10 days. No bueno - my due date is July 27th and we have a family reunion up in Oregon that we really want to go to on August 12th. My plan is to stay at the house with Jane the entire time while Chris takes Fox on all the fun adventures. It'll be nice to have help and planned meals. Having as much time to recover as possible before August 12th would be wonderful. So there's that and my mom flies here from Seattle on July 25th. As much as I'd like to have Jane sooner than that, I just really want my mom to be here to watch Fox and take care of the animals and hold down the fort while we're in the hospital. I told my doctor all of this, I'm sure I sounded anxious and nervous. Being the angel that she is, she looked at her calendar and said, "I'll be working at the hospital on the 29th, so if she isn't born before that, we'll induce you on the 29th." HALELUJAH! There's an end in sight! An actual date to look forward to if Jane doesn't come on her own! Now THAT'S relief. 
So, like I said, as much as I want Jane to be born early, I mostly want her to keep cooking until the 25th, but then the 26th or 27th or 28th would be great. Or if not then, the 29th it most definitely is!
See you soon Jane!
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