The One with The Autobahn

Friday, August 16, 2013

True story: 
Up until a few weeks ago when I had to study to get my German driver's license I thought "The Autobahn" was an actual place/tourist destination in Germany that people went to to drive their cars really reeeaaaalllly fast - as fast as they wanted because there's no speed limit! I had no idea that "The Autobahn" meant "The Freeway" and ALL freeways have no speed limit! 
I drove on the autobahn for the first time today - even BEFORE Chris, haha. I was going 90 mph (about 145 kph) and kept getting passed like I was a snail! SO SCARY!
Official "autobahn" signage:
This'll take some getting used to!

We got our internet hooked back up today so I'll be back to blogging hopefully daily, in case you missed me :)
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