The One with Patriotic

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Every weekday when the clock strikes 5pm (or rather, 1700 because the Army is on 24 hour time) everyone within earshot stops where they are, faces towards the flag, and listens to this bugle call (there's a surprise at 24 seconds!):

When we were living in the hotel right across the field from the flag we would try and come out and listen as often as possible. Hearing the cannon go BOOM is so loud and powerful and makes me very proud.

Yesterday I was running errands at the PX and as I exited the music started. I loved seeing everyone stop, turn, and if in uniform, salute. For just a minute everyone is united in purpose and intent.
Makes me feel so patriotic :)


  1. reminds me of BYU :) sometimes i wouldn't stop walking when they played the anthem and i always felt like such a rebel.

  2. THAT is AWESOME--thanks for sharing for the regular non military folk!

  3. It is so interesting how the services differ. We live on an air force base, and after retreat we get the national anthem instead of a cannon. Regardless it is a pretty awesome experience though!


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