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Monday, August 26, 2013

The "playroom" (downstairs in the deep, dark, and scary basement!) is a blank canvas and I'm in need of some ideas and inspiration! Where else to turn to than handy, dandy, trusty Pinterest?
I'm envisioning light and bright colors with lots of Fox's artwork displayed, paper chains, banners, pennants, baskets of toys housed in none other than IKEA expedit shelves :)
We have one of these exact expedit units, but in birch. We need to get one more. But IKEA only takes cash, Euros to be exact, so we're working on that dilemma.
I've never put up wallpaper before, but I think it'd be a fun on a focal wall.
Cardstock + patterned paper = I could totally do this!
Every Sunday Fox comes home with artwork he made in nursery and I've been saving them all. Hanging them on a corkboard is a fun idea!
I love the ginormous ruler and primary color scheme of this room. Plus, the walls are white, as our walls are, which I would love to leave because painting is my arch-nemesis :)
More white walls, more bright colored elements, and displayed artwork. I'm seeing a theme here!
Chalkboard wall? Now THAT would be cool.
How fun is this clock? Totally do-able with cardstock and then get a cheap clock mechanism from Amazon or someplace.
Loving the artwork banners and tassels.
Banners hanging from the ceiling?? Cool!
Where can I find a large map wall decal like this? And then we could like start marking everywhere we go!
Lots of ideas in the works, stay tuned!


  1. Great ideas! You know where to go if you need tassels.

  2. These ideas are FABULOUS!!!!! We just Brookie the white Expedit with buckets for her toys, then I made tags using Bo Bunny paper to label each one! :)

  3. You can get all sorts of maps online. Decals, posters, and fabric ones. I spent lots of time researching them for Jaynes playroom :)

  4. how fun, can't wait to see what you come up with...I just pinned the cutest little grocery store play center to build for our little people!

  5. REALLY love the idea of chalkboard walls! Wallpaper is SCARY stuff--I'll stick to painting! ;)

  6. We're redoing our playroom right now too!!! :D

    The BEST idea i found was to make a long child's height (I made mine 17" high, I think) play table. Our is 8 ft long and 20" deep. I set up Hattie's Little People "village" on it. She LOOOOVES it! It's her absolute favorite thing in the new playroom. The playroom is far from complete, however. LOL. ;) I'll keep you posted, and I will be posting photos on my blog as well! :)


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