The One with "Jane, How Old Are You?"

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Since day one Jane has been Fox's biggest fan.
  Wherever Fox is, Jane is sure to be close by.
  I've never had an older sibling, so I'll never know what it's like to look up to someone so fiercely, but I can feel through Jane's love just how awesome and intense it is.
 Boy she could stare at him all the live long day when she couldn't do anything else besides stare!
 Then once she started getting more mobile, wherever Fox went, Jane went.
 Most of the time they get along great.
 I can even coax a kiss or hug or two out of Fox for Jane.
 But, ya know, what are big brothers for if not to pester?
 If Fox has a toy, Jane wants that toy. And vice versa.
When Fox is still napping and Jane wakes up she is BORED to TEARS! Literally! She misses him like crazy and can't wait to follow him around some more.
What am I going to do when he starts school and she's home by herself? Maybe we'll have more kids by then to keep her entertained...
Blank stares...
Bug bug bug.
Jane wanting to do what Fox is doing, all day, every day!
I even try to coordinate their outfits :) Gray and neon yellow!
If Fox is crawling, Jane is crawling!
 Jane likes cars and trucks and dinosaurs and helicopters because that's what Fox likes!
 I can't wait for her to start walking and to see the new interactions they'll be able to have.
 My kids.
 Today Fox figured out how to climb this fence dividing our yard from our neighbor's. You can betcha Jane tried climbing the fence too!

So I guess it's no surprise, with all of this love and affection and admiration Jane has for Fox, that she's starting to pick up on some of his favorite phrases like "No" and "Yes" and "Thank you." Constantly throughout the day we ask Fox, "Hey Fox, how old are you?" "TWO!" (We're still working on getting him to respond with "two and a half" even though in a couple months he'll be three!") So now when we ask Jane how old she is, this is what happens:

"Jane, how old are you?"
"Two! Hahaha!"
She's so proud of herself :) At least she has the right number of fingers up!
What a cutie patootie.


  1. Hi Paige! I just found your blog through the Northridge digital issues. I had no idea when we emailed back and forth that you were all the way in Germany! Looks like you have your hands full, and still manage to answer all of our silly questions. I don't know how you have time to sleep! Enjoy those kiddos while they're young, and soak up your experience in Germany. We were there for a brief visit last year and can't wait to go back!
    ~Erica Hofstetter

  2. aw, what a cute post. Love this. They are soooo very cute.

  3. Oh my gosh, that is toooo cute!! I love her little laugh afterwards haha.

  4. I love this post. My favorite pictures are their "blank stares" and the one where Jane's trying to climb up the wall behind Fox. Eric followed you around much the same way. Until Allie came along and "stole your thunder"

  5. They are sooooooooooo adorable together!! And loving how she tells us how old she is!!! LOL!!!

  6. Even if I have had a hard time having two kids so close together, it has been fun watching Devin and Sabrina love each Fox and Jane do!

    Your kids are adorable as ever!

  7. omgosh! adorable! They are just way too cute!

  8. Aw, happy birthday Jane!!!!!! Such a cutie!

  9. So cute!! I can't wait to have another little one to follow my Jayne around :)

  10. That part where you said, "maybe by then we will have more to keep them entertained... blank stares," hilarious! Your kids are seriously the cutest. I think you should just keep going, and going, and going. hehe

  11. Sorry about being unlucky comment 13, so now you have 14 and can rest easy.

  12. Good heavens what sweethearts!! She is getting SO big!! They are adorable Paige!

  13. Heeeee! So sweet!

    I can't wait till Meyer is old enough for them to "play" together. Right now, yeah... Meyer also just likes to stare at Hattie, and he gets really sad when she leaves the room. :(


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