The One with Easter 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our Easter festivities started yesterday evening with a ward party at the Outdoor Recreation park on post.
I didn't know there was going to be an Easter egg hunt so we improvised and Jane put the eggs she found in my purse. She loooooved finding eggs and squealed with delight every time she found one. Adorbs.
Chris helped Fox find eggs and added them to the loot.
This morning we gave the kids some pre-made store-bought baskets. I never got one of these growing up though I desperately wanted one and since I now enjoy holidays vicariously through my kids I got them one :)
Before church I took some pics of Fox and Janey in their Easter best! 
She's a little ball of sass this one is!
And this one is just a hoot. Remind me to tell you about how he calls me Paige...
Awwwwwwwww. Lovens these two.
Walking out the door to go to church!
Could this morning BE any more beautiful?!
We've passed by this Easter egg tree many times and I've been wanting to stop and take our family pictures here all month!
So many eggs!
Wish granted :) Evans family, Easter 2014, Grafenwöhr Germany.
The trees. The mountains. The grass. All of it reminds me how thankful I am for this life and for the knowledge that my Savior lives, he died for me, and we can live again.
At church I taught my class all about Easter and we colored a picture of Jesus.
Pretty flowers in the windowsill.
Janey ate the head off her drawing in Nursery... this girl I tell ya! She's a firecracker!
While Chris cooked a delicious Easter dinner I hung out with the kids.
It was like Thanksgiving all over again! Man I have a good husband :)
Our official (as in, I grammed it! :) Easter family photo.
Frohe Ostern! 
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