The One with Insta-Lately April 9th Edition

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lots of little things going on lately that I'll just jumble all in one post as another Insta-Lately edition! Most of these I posted to my instagram, some weren't, but I'm adding them anyway :)

Fox is figuring out how to use the iPad on his own. Time to start downloading some kid friendly apps. Any suggestions? Jane is just along for the ride, as always, interested in doing whatever her big brother is doing!

Jane likes to pull out all of the shoes from her closet and put them on the rocker ottoman. Why? The world may never know.

Mom & Jane snuggles = the best.

Fox was eating his popcorn like a pig. The mess made me mad then, but it's funny now. Or is it?

The view from the bottom of our hill. Sigh. Oh Germany. I love you so.

During one of Chris' lunch breaks we went to the park at the hotel (where we spent many an afternoon while we were living there!) and enjoyed a little family picnic. I live for these moments.

The weather here has been SO WEIRD lately. It was 80 degrees the other day and hailing the next. The little pieces of hail looked exactly like Dippin' Dots! Or ginormous dandruff flakes... :)

It's finally warming up enough to play in the back yard! Fox got some bubbles to blow through a Jake and the Neverland Pirates ship thing. Cool beans. And Jane likes to roll around in the dirt, literally, so here she is bending over showing her little plumber bum after getting messy.

Just the girls!

The most colorful building I ever did see in Dresden!

I posted this for a #tbt - me when I was about 6 months. CHUNK!! And super old school 512k Macintosh computers when my parents worked at Apple.

Jane "mountain" climbing.

My parents are here! My parents are here! They flew in on Monday and we've been running around non-stop ever since.

Today we went to the Nazi Documentation Center and Rally Grounds in Nuremberg.

Fox reeeeaaaallllllyyyyy loves Grandpa. They're always doing activities together - it's pretty much the cutest. Here they're building a model airplane.

Snippets from our day in Nuremberg/Nürnberg.
And that's a little slice of life lately!
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