Photoshoot Pics

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

For my big announcement I get to make on Friday(!!!) we had a photoshoot to go along with it! It was so fun to hire a professional photographer and get my hair and make-up did and play dress up and frolic around the town! 
 photo PE_41-X2.jpg
Totally almost fell over trying to perform this maneuver.
 photo Untitled-1.jpg
This was the best hot chocolate I've ever had!
 photo PE_18-X2.jpg
Taking pictures of me taking pictures.
 photo PE_62-X2.jpg
Yup, we plopped the pink couch in the middle of rapeseed fields for this! Anything for a fun pic right?! :)
 photo PE_151-X3.jpg
Chris won't go out in public with me in this hat lol, so I'll wear it around my girlies!
 photo PE_54-X2.jpg
"Hailing a taxi" in Weiden.
 photo PE_83-X2.jpg
Don't look too closely at the button I'm not even pressing haha. Can't take myself too seriously looking at these.
 photo PE_47-X2.jpg
 photo Desktop.jpg
We finished off the photoshoot with some yummy donuts!
 photo PE_134-X2.jpg
2 more days until the reveal!!
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