Grafenwöhr Christmas Market 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015

We started a tradition last year: getting a wreath for our door at the one-day-only Grafenwöhr Christmas market!

We knew the market was on Saturday December 5th, but no sign said what time. So we went at 9:30am and it wasn't open yet. No worries, we had other errands to run. We went again at 11:30am after our errands and it wasn't open yet. No worries, there's always after naps. We went again at 3:30pm and it was open! Yay! Third time's a charm :)

Passing over the river on the short walk to the main town square.
Horse-drawn carriage rides around the block - oh what fun!
Hoppin' and happenin' downtown Graf.
Fox & Jane in front of a huge Christmas tree and the old town hall.
Just because it's cute.
Not opened yet (from our first attempt).
We found the same vendor as last year and picked out a wreath for our front door.
Checking out the nativity.
We took away Jane's pacifier last week - about time, I know, she's 3.5... Hopefully her gap and crooked jaw will fix themselves... If we have more kids, I'm not using "fires." They're too hard to take away.

Gingerbread cookies. I've never had one! I must try one at the next market.
2nd carousel ride of the day, lucky ducks!
Live music - so festive!
Camels and donkeys to remind us of the stable in Bethlehem.
Chris got a brat to cap off the day.
I had Chris take this picture of me'n'our wreath in front of this fantastic barn door, but all I can focus on is the bright yellow sign with one of my favorite German words on it: Ausfahrt, lol. It means exit. Ausfahrt freihalten! means "Keep the exit clear!"
Such a fun day at our small town's Christmas market! Can't wait until next year!


  1. So fun! LOVING the wreath you picked out! And I can't believe you've never had a gingerbread cookie! LOL!

  2. My sister lived in Bamberg for four years. Ausfahrt was her favorite German word too. Once I visited her, I understood. Every mile on the Autobahn there was an Ausfahrt sign. :)

  3. That last photo of you is gorgeous! What a fun and exhausting day you had!

  4. It may be small, but I really like Graf's Christmas market!


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