Weiden Christmas Market 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas markets in Germany are simply magical.
The sights, the smells, the ambiance, the activities, the twinkling lights... I could go on and on!

They spied this carousel from a mile away.
I don't think they've ever been happier!
Cute Chris and cute Weiden.
Be still my heart!
These gabled buildings in all the colors are some of my favorite.
A little covered stand so people can enjoy their piping hot drinks even if it snows.
The market square.
Fox has a Lego set that has little vendors and guys handing out pretzels and drinks - I swear it's based on German Weinachtsmarkts :)
The old town hall - it has numbers counting down to Christmas, but can't really see them here. But they're there!
Buying some sweet popcorn. The kids didn't like it (what the?!) which means more for Mom and Dad!
Lovely lights.
Every store gets into the holiday spirit with festive decor.

We don't really do much except walk around and see the sights - I feel like we should be collecting something like a mug or plate or ornament at each market we go to to make it more special and have the thrill of finding the perfect token. Or something. Or I'll just enjoy it for what it is :)
The reason we went to Weiden was to get our annual family pictures taken for Christmas cards! Picking outfits is the hardest part for me. I went with chunky sweaters, bright colors, and mixed patterns. Whatdoyathink?!
I love Christmastime in Germany!


  1. I always like going to the Weiden Chirstmas market!

  2. Looks like such a magical place!!! LOVING the outfits you picked out for Christmas photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. When we went to Garmisch for Thanksgiving, we got to enjoy our first German Christmas markets there and in Munich. I absolutely LOVED them! Germany was so beautiful! I can't wait to go again next year.

  4. Love it! And love those fabulous outfits. And always love your Xmas layouts.....all the color, texture and layers. thank you!

  5. Great job on the outfits. The pictures are so darling! I especially LOVE the one with both kids in their adorable little sweaters. You have such a beautiful, happy family.


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