Pont du Gard, France

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Just a short drive due west of Avignon is one of the greatest Roman ruins in the world: the Pont du Gard aqueduct.

Throughout the ancient world Roman aqueducts were a powerful symbol of the greatness of Rome. A visit to Pont du Gard today still impresses and awes. 
This perfectly preserved aqueduct was built in 19 B.C. as a key link in a 30-mile long canal that supplied water to the Nîmes, one of ancient Europe's largest cities. The stones you see sticking out held the original scaffolding used when the aqueduct was built and the workers decided not to chop them off so they could use them again for more scaffolding during future repairs.
Fox being a little monkey.

Graffiti from all ages.
The lovely Gardon River winding through this picturesque corner of southern France.
My boys!
The bridge is about 160 feet high and 790 feet of the original 1,100 remain intact.
This canal drops only one inch every 350 feet. Amazing.

This aqueduct is exceptional not just for how well preserved it is, but for its sheer size. The arches are twice the width of standard aqueduct arches and the main arch spanning the river is the single largest arch the Romans ever built!
The whole enchilada. 
Video footage of Pont du Gard:
Our family at the Pont du Gard on Wednesday April 5th 2017.
Next stop: the amazing medieval walled fairy-tale city of Carcassonne!
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