The One with Layouts in Scrapbook Trends May

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Here are a couple layouts I had published in Scrapbook Trends May which I thought I'd share today in honor of National Scrapbooking Day. Yes, there is such a thing. Scrappers are cool like dat.
Yup, There's A Bird On My Head...

Notes: I remember I watched Penelope two times in a row while making this layout a couple months ago. Too lazy to change the disk :) I had a vision in my head of what I wanted and painted concentric squares in a rainbow of colors. And it was a disaster. I threw it away and started from scratch to make this. First I stitched a grid background in about 1" increments varying between a straight stitch and a bunch of different zigzags. Then I randomly filled in some of the squares with paint, colored pencils, and even crayons. Yes, I have crayons in my art box, you never know when you might need them! I adhered little pieces of different types of cardstock to other squares and topped each colored square with a matching colored embellishment. Then I stamped over some of the squares with a scalloped journaling spot stamp. Added a title, journaling, and a date label, and called it good.

Journaling says: I have a bird named Jadis...where do I even begin! We have a love/hate relationship. I got him when I briefly worked at PetCo. He was just so nice to me, I couldn't resist buying him, much to my family's dismay. That was June of 2006. Now it's 2010 and he's still alive and loud as ever. Boy oh boy does he drive me bonkers with his shrieks and shrills. But other times he can be super affectionate and loving, and that's when I'm glad I bought him. He flew outside once and we almost didn't get him back. We missed my cousin's wedding trying to coax him out of a tree. But we got him and he's happy and healthy as ever. 4 years down, 17 to go :) (PS - Jadis comes from the Chronicles of Narnia - it's the name of the evil white witch, so technically it's a girl's name. But the thing with this type of bird (green-cheeked conure) is you can't tell if they're boys or girls unless you do genetic testing. So we just call him a boy, but he has a girl name...)

Supplies: Cardstock (foil, glitter, textured), brads (glitter, jewel, pearl), glitter buttons, foam letter stickers, pen: American Crafts; Vintage flash card, date label, scalloped journaling stamp: Elle's Studio; Stamping pens: Marvy; Crayons: Crayola; Colored pencils: Prismacolor by Sanford; Acrylic paint: M. Graham & Co.; Other: Sewing machine, thread, paint brush

My Space

Notes: I don't remember what I watched when I made this layout...but it was good :) This layout documents my scrapbook space. Which I guess won't be my space for very much longer, boo hoo. But I'll gladly give it up for my baby!

Journaling says: This is the space, my space, where I get my art on. I think I've got too much stuff... This is my fortress of solitude, my happy place. This space is where I get to create my heart out. It's like being in my very own scrapbook store! Every day I come in here and every day I can't help but smile. This space is where my dreams become reality. This is my favorite space ever.

Supplies: Cardstock, buttons, letter stickers (chipboard, foam, paper, vinyl), pen: American Crafts; Patterned paper (music notes), journaling spot, labels: Elle's Studio; Floss: DMC


  1. your space is amazing. where oh where did you get your awesome paper rack?

  2. Great card (on CARDS blog) and layouts, Paige! And hope your pregnancy is going well!

  3. i love your pages!!!!! you have such a unique style!!!! love love love them!


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