The One with the Diet Change

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just a fair warning, this will be a venting post. Maybe venting isn't the right word. How about "my worries out in open" post.
Today's Dr. appointment didn't go exactly how I wanted it to.
Some great things happened, but then some not so great things happened.
Great thing #1 - I was admitted to see the nurse before I even had a chance to pee in a cup! Last time we sat in the lobby for almost an hour.
Great thing #2 - my OB was more than happy to answer my list of questions, which I had sitting on my lap. Here is what my list said: Braxton Hicks - pretty frequent/not at night; Are you gonna deliver my baby?; Can we travel to Utah, what are the precautions we should take?; Some days I feel a lot of movement, and other days I feel nothing, is this okay?; How's my weight gain?; How's my swelling?
Here's where the not so great things started happening.
Bad thing #1 - My OB was pretty concerned about my frequent Braxton Hicks, though she referred to them as actual contractions. Not good. She checked my lady parts and the number concerned her. She said if my contractions start coming more frequently, even if they're not painful, which they never are (at least, not yet...) I need to go to the hospital. So of course I've been worried and stressed which I feel makes them happen more often than usual. I just need to leave work, go home, watch a movie or two, and chillax. Fox has gotta cook for a little bit longer!
Bad thing #2 - As we were leaving the OB stopped me and told me that I have indeed gained more weight than she recommends. I've gained 35 pounds and I guess I'll be gaining at least a pound a week from here on out. That's another 10 pounds. The doctor said no more carbohydrates, no salty foods, stick to meat and vegetables.
This is really hard for me. On so many levels.
I have never had to watch what I eat. I've always been happy with my weight and never really thought about eating healthy, I just eat what I want, when I want, and my body has taken care of me nicely. And exercise? What's that? I've taken it all for granted and now it's come to bite me in the butt. My baby is okay, my weight gain doesn't effect him, so really I could continue to eat whatever I want, it's just gonna be that much harder to lose the weight afterwards. I hate exercising enough as it is, so I guess I'm going to start watching what I eat. But the other thing is, I'm a horribly picky eater! I only like a handful of vegetables. My diet for the past 25 years of life has consisted of cereal, pasta, and pizza. None of which I should eat now.
So I had a salad for lunch today. Me. Paige. I had a salad. For lunch. OMG that is so not me. It was actually pretty good, which means there's hope I won't starve to death :) Also, I took my gestational diabetes test today, so who knows, maybe I will HAVE to change my diet. I don't know when I'm supposed to hear back from the lab. I think I remember my doctor say she or the lab will call if the results are bad. Otherwise, everything is okay. So I'm hoping for no news. No news is good news.
All-in-all I can handle the change of diet. That's fine. Or at least, I will be fine. I'm just really concerned about these contractions and baby Fox coming way too early.
Trying to stay happy, positive, relaxed, calm, and chill.

Updated to add: I passed my glucose screening test! Can I get an amen?!


  1. Paige I hardly comment, but I read your blog faithfully. I'm due not much later then you (November 7th) with my Calvin.

    1. Awesome on getting in quick. Mine tricks me a lot though, nurse quick then an hour in that very boring room waiting for the dr. I love my OB and have no intentions of changing but she does have horrible wait times.
    2. Great on answering questions. I'm impressed you had them there, I always remember them on my way out the door.

    1. That stinks. I have to tell you I've been having them, not crazy frequent, but some. And I read your blog and looked online a bit and decided it's totally fine and to ignore them. I will ask my Dr next week at my appt, but again they are not very often. Anyhow keep an eye on that! Scary a bit. But really this is my 3rd and with the others I had tons of them and they stayed in there till 38 weeks.

    2. I kinda am hating on you on this one Paige. I mean not really, but I did say, "awww poor Paige, can't eat whatever she wants anymore, might gain 10lbs" with a good bit of scarcasm. I know it's probably just one more thing for you to worry about but you are crazy lucky with your body shape. I wouldn't worry too much about this.

    Anyhow best of luck! I can't wait to see cute pics of Fox. (I mean I CAN wait till he's supposed to arrive, I don't want him coming early)

  2. Oh love, you are right, you just need to chill out and relax. I was like a crazy woman when I was pregnant with Nate. Not so crazy second time round, I hear you about the weight gain and suddenly having to watch what you eat, it sucks. Put your feet up and watch some trashy tv, your body will thank you for it!! Take care xx

  3. I love your journey through pregnancy, it stirs up so many memories of my own! Be sure to get lots of rest and let Chris pamper you some, it's good for all three of you! :)

  4. holy cow paige! 35 lbs?!?! where did you put it?!?! that's practically double your pre-pregnancy weight! you are still so so tiny. honestly, you look sooooo cute!

    when i was gaining too much weight, my doctor told me to go easy on the carbs and go heavy on the protein. not sure how much i really cut out carbs but eating more meat definitely helped me feel full and for longer!

    and, my weight gain was never steady. i would go go weeks gaining two or three pounds a week and then not gain anything for a month and then go back to two pounds a week. it just fluctuates and it ends up all being okay in the end!

  5. Haha! I am the same & pasta are my food bffs! No salt?! Yikes! I am postponing pregnancy for this reason

  6. the salads are pretty yummy at chipotle!
    my skinny friends all went back to skinny after having their babies, you will be fine. How many more days of work?

  7. I have heard that you should always contact the doctor even if you don't hear anything. Because sometimes things do happen and they forget to call. So I would definitely call them if they don't call you in like a week or 2. Better safe than sorry right?

    Sorry about everything else. Just remember that you can always call and speak to a nurse if you have questions. A lot of time they will talk with the OB and get answers to you. Or if they have been there a while and know their stuff then they will help. They are always there to help, you don't always have to wait till your appointment.

    Good luck!

  8. a.) great job on bringing your list of questions! i am proud of you :)
    b.) boo on the stressful stuff. [and i seriously PRAY you passed your glucose test...failing that thing was one of my biggest fears, haha] just take it easy and eat more salad :) fyi mcdonalds and wendys have delish salads, they are some of my faves.

    good luck! when fox gets here it will all be worth it :) and you'll be in good company with the whole recovering-prego-bod thing, don't you worry. we all have our issues ;)

  9. Audrey from 104 A Richards again. :) My little girl came early at 23 weeks and 5 days in January '09. She was in the hospital for 4 months and they told us her chance of survival without any lasting conditions were 5% but if we could make it to 28 weeks, her chances of being ok would bump up to 90%. I know everything will be ok for Fox. :) Everyone is different but just in case Fox decided to make an early appearance, I've been there and if you have any questions, ask away. The NICU road is a hard one and I hope you never have to experience it. I've got you in my prayers!

  10. They don't WANT you to gain weight, but the truth is, it happens. I have personally known two women that have gained 80 lbs with their first pregancies, and both of them were size 0-2 skinny little things before they had the baby. Then, within a year, they were back down to that size. Me, I was 190 when I got pg and I only gained 24 lbs, but I was big as a house! Then I had the baby and am back down to 185. Weight is so subjective. The doctor has to tell you to follow the guidelines, but I think if you gained another ten lbs, in the grand scheme of things, it wouldn't be too big of a deal. Ask around - I'm sure you'll find LOTS of women gain between 35 - 45 lbs. Don't worry yourself about it too much. Not worth it.

  11. Hey Miss Paige....hang in there girl! That stinks about meat and vegetables....especially because the thought of meat makes me want to vomit right now! I think that I might starve if the dr's told me that at my appointment. Hope you can find a little time to relax and watch some movies like you much as we can't wait for Fox to get here we don't want him to come too early! : ) Thinking of you!

  12. that's great that you passed your glucose test! yey! i'll be thinking good thoughts for you in these next few weeks & the diet change. that would drive me crazy too! HUGS! :)

  13. can i get a woot WOOT!

    congrats passing the glucose test. and thanks for the heads up about telling my doctor about my Braxton Hicks... I didn't think it was a big deal at all.

    can't wait to see you! are you still planning the trip to UT? Email me...

  14. oh tell her to bite you! i gained 45 lbs and it was just fine. i think every dr is different. one dr will say something while the nest doesn't care. i say eat whatever you want. after you have him...and if you are will eat SOOO much more than you are eating now, so who cares. lol. i'm excited for you!!

  15. AMEN!! I didn't pass with my second baby and had to do that blasted 4hr poke me every so many minutes test. NOT. FUN.
    I was the same, eat whatever, whenever before I got preggo. Had one of those..."slow down on the food girl!" OB appts too.
    You'll lose the weight. No worries :)

  16. good to hear you passed the sugar test.

    you will be totally fine. just relax and watch one of those millions of dvds you guys own! :)

  17. It just occured to me that my midwives never commented on my weight and I am pretty sure that I gained at least 70 lbs..... I know crazy!!!! It was all gone within a couple of months of giving birth. Breastfeeding ROCKS!!!!!! I am still breastfeeding my little girl who is now a year and a half and I am now pregnant with my second baby. I would like to gain less with this one - but if not I don't mind too much. I still felt and looked great throughout my pregnancy. Don't fret about weight, but do eat healthy foods - they play a big part in giving your baby a good start to life. Love your blog by the way. AND I have been making a lot of color themed coptic books since I saw a few of the ones you posted.

  18. im sorry youve had to go on a diet!! seriously dont worry too much about the weight gain, I gained 70 pounds when I was prego!! omg!! It seriously just all fell off within a couple months after i had him and i went back to normal. well... for the most part. i seriously should work out and stuff but of course i dont, haha.
    im glad the rest of your pregnancy is going okay, i hope your braxton hicks contractions dont get any more intense!!

  19. I'm so sorry! What a bummer! It's so good that your little one is healthy and strong, though. Rest and enjoy your salad! I'm a vegetarian, so I'd leave the chicken off! Then, it'd be, absolutely, scrumptious! Keep us posted! Oh! And my best friend had her baby... 9 lbs., 2 oz! Fortunately, for her, she had a scheduled c-section, since her first baby was delivered via emergency c-section.

  20. Congrats on making the AC team again girlie! I will very much miss it! :)

    Don't worry and just enjoy the time being pregnant even if that means that you have to change things up a little. I will be praying for you and little Fox!

  21. Salads and taking it easy are never a bad thing. I hope the next 10 weeks are far less eventful for you!

  22. Amen to Kings! I gained 45 lbs. as well and most of it was gone within 3 months. Your doing great! As long as little Fox stays put and comes out healthy, you have nothing to worry about. I would however take full advantage of taking it easy... I got away with Sooo much while I was pregnant, and wish that my little guy would give me some extra rest :)

  23. Oooo... girl!! I can tell you from experience... the weight is NOT worth it! lol

    And prayers that the contractions settle down... :(

  24. there is only a few perks to being pregnant...

    eat whatever you want.
    a baby at the end.
    the occassional kicking is fun.

    that is all.

    being on a diet is taking one of the three things away.


  25. AMEN! Sorry about the new eating healthy thing. It sucks! I hate it. And exercise. Why do we have to do it?!


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