The One with Happy 51st Birthday Dald!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's easy to remember how old you are now since last year was the big 5-0 :) In the spirit of tradition, here are some of my favorite old school home videos of you:

Here you are on a giant ropeswing at Nephi campgrounds (or is it Lehi campgrounds? Or neither?). Us kids were quite jealous that you could swing so high, as manifested by our shrieks and shrills.

This video of you jumping on the trampoline in the backyard of our San Jose house is funny to me because you plop the camera down, bounce a few times, then you get down and turn the camera off. Random!

I must admit, I laugh every. single. time. I watch this video of you "tightrope walking." Also at Nephi/Lehi/Something campgrounds. I hope you didn't hurt yourself too bad!

And last but not least, a tour of your high-tech office in San Jose. It's only gotten worse :)

Love you Dald, I'm so glad I'm so much like you! Happy birthday!


  1. Is that the campground in California that the Saratoga stake used to go to? If so, I'm pretty sure it's Lehi.


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