The One with Fox at Seven Months

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh me oh my how do I have a seven month old already!?! My baby ain't no baby no mo'. He's a giant!
Here are his monthly stats done at home:

Length: 29.5" (95%)
Weight: 19 pounds (between 25-50%)
Head circumference: 18.5" (95%)

So he's a tall skinny boy with a big head :)

What's Fox up to these days? Well lemme tell ya!
He found his vocal cords this week. I apologize to anyone we may come in contact with until the phase is over (please tell me it's just a phase!) cuz he just might make you deaf. He SCREAMS! And makes such high-pitched sounds I'm sure only dogs can hear.

He eats about 50% solids and 50% milk now. He loves everything he's tried from apples and bananas, peas and beans, to granola, oatmeal, and rice. Chris and I are kind of picky eaters so I hope Fox continues to love everything he eats. Bonus: All these solids and varieties of food sure make for some STINKY diapers!
(Fox's cute shirt is from Amy Tangerine! Isn't handmade the greatest? :)

He's still sleeping from about 7-7 every night with one feeding around 4am. It's amazing how much better I feel and how much happier our household is with more sleep.

When he's eating he chomps his mouth like he's actually eating big people food. Not yet my love!
He can sit up for long stretches, but still falls over on occasion so we keep the Boppy wrapped around the back of him for a nice soft landing.
All of his 3-6 months clothes have been packed away, sniff sniff. He's a full-fledged 6-12 month clothing wearer. The challenge is finding room in our storage-less apartment for all his stuff that he grows out of. We took apart his swing a couple months ago, we took apart his bouncer awhile ago, he's too big for his infant tub, never really liked his Bumbo, doesn't sleep with blankets cuz it's much too hot now... so all of this and more is stored under his crib. But any day now we're going to have to lower his crib because he's working on crawling.
Crawling. That's going to be an adventure! People ask if he's crawling yet and when I say no they say I'm lucky because once he does it's a whole new can of worms. We have soooo much baby proofing to do! When he wakes up from his naps (we call them "snaps") or in the morning and I go to get him he's wiggling like a worm and putting his legs up under his belly. He's just gotta figure out that arms belong in the mix too then he'll be off like a rocket.

No teeth yet. Though he's been extra super fussy the past few days so I'm checking constantly for teefer weefers but still nothing. I don't mind, I like his big toothless grin! And I'm sorta afraid of what he'll do to me with teeth if you know what I'm sayin'...
Fox still doesn't dig tummy time, but he ONLY sleeps on his stomach now. When we put him down on his back for snaps or for the night, the second he touches the mattress he rolls over onto his stomach. Makes no sense! But whatever makes him happy!

My favorite noise in the world is Fox's laugh. The most random things get him going. This morning it was making a "mwah" sound:
Lately he's been making a lot more "ba-ba-ba" and "ma-ma-ma's" which is fun for me cuz it's like he's calling out for me :)

That's all I can think of at the moment that's new with Fox since 6 months. We're just so grateful for him and the joy he's brought us. Yes, he's a lot of work. A LOT. But it's also THE MOST rewarding job in the whole wide world to be his parents.
Love you Mr. Fox!


  1. Best. and Cutest. Baby. Ever!

  2. Even if he weren't my grandson, I'd still say he's the cutest baby in the world. And, I'd be jealous of who gets to be his grandma. I'm so glad it's me!

    Happy 7 month birthday, Mr. Fox!

  3. those pictures are so SO cute. mr. fox is growing up!! i also like his little anchor shirt, did you make it?

    we have got to get fox & jack together sometime, i think they'd be bff. maybe on your next trip to wa? ;)

  4. Aw that last picture of fox is so cute! I miss him. He has the cutest little laugh!!

  5. WHAT?! Seven months!! You just posted six months a few days ago!! This is getting totally out of hand. He cannot be seven months old!!

    But he is ridiculously cute. :)


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