The One with Thanks for the Tip Wells Fargo ATM

Thursday, May 26, 2011

As I was withdrawing some cash to go to the monthly clothing sample sale in downtown LA a few weeks ago, the ATM so very kindly brought up this message:
"Put it back! Put all my cash back! I don't want it anymore! It's yours, all yours, stupid psychic machine!"


  1. LOL - Well that just takes all the fun out of frivolous spending, doesn't it?!
    Glad our ATM's just give $$, not advice!

  2. this is hilarious! i wonder if all ATMs are going to start doing this soon-it will sure freak people out and make them re-think what they were about to do with all their cash! if i saw this it would sure help me not want to buy as many clothes :)

  3. WOW! That is too funny! I don't know what I would think if I saw this as I was withdrawing money--maybe someone was watching me:) Or my husband set it up! LOL--thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I've been saying that to you for YEARS!!!

  5. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! First laugh-out-loud of the day. That cracks me up. They really CARE ABOUT you, Paige!! And your money!

  6. Wow. I must say... I think that's pretty cool. LOL.

    And I've had an ADORABLE clutch sitting in an online shopping cart for TWO DAYS. It's so beautiful, and I want it so bad. And I don't have a clutch to wear with dresses or nice outfits. But I hardly ever go out and *need* one. LOL. I'd probably only use it once or twice a year... for the rest of my life. ;-) But I want it so bad. :-)

    Alas, I don't *need* it... when I *need* cloth diapers and have *very* little money right now. So... I won't be getting it. :-p Darn conscience. ;-)

  7. Wise advice from your electronic Big Brother...


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