The One with Babies Don't Keep

Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is my quote for the day. I'm shirking my household duties to spend time with Fox.
It's so true. Babies don't keep. Fox is a giant compared to when he was first born. Where did that time go? The messy house can wait. Cuz every day Fox is growing and learning new things that I'm missing out on because I'm too preoccupied with other lesser important things (I'm lookin' at you Facebook and Google Reader and Pinterest and Twitter!). Instead of washing the dishes or wiping off the counters or vacuuming the floors or spending hours on end on the computer, I'm going to hold him and snuggle him and give him smooches and tell him that I love him.

Updated to add: My Grandma Doris just sent me an email with a story similar to this quote: I read a piece in Readers Digest once called, THE DAY WE FLEW THE KITES, about a woman who needed to clean her house, but took her children out to a hill and flew kites, "Because they will not remember whether the house is clean or not, but they will always remember the day we flew the kites."


  1. Love that quote! You're a great mama!

  2. I live by that quote :-) but i lived by it before they were born....soo....

  3. my mom had a needlepoint with this when i was growing up! i can still picture it handing on the wall! love it!

  4. So very true, and something we need to be reminded of even as they get older. My 11yr old son still likes to be tucked in to be bed every night, and the other night I was tired from a long day and said Arn't you too old for me to be doing this. But my mother reminded me that they are only young for a short time and it won't be that much longer he will want me tucking him in. So you have to get those precious memories while you can, because I can't beleive 11 years has gone already and he really will be too old soon for me to tuck him in!


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