The One with AWOL

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This is the first time I've touched a computer in 5 days. (That's gotta be some kind of world record for me.)
Vacations are nice. 
Instead of blogging I've been napping. 
Instead of tweeting I've been reading. 
Instead of Facebooking with family and friends I've been seeing the actual faces of family and friends. 
I'll play catch up in the near future when life has gone back to normal! 


  1. It is WONDERFUL to have a break every now and then! BRAVO!!! :)

  2. Its always nice to stop and enjoy the moment!! I am trying to catch up on napping now that Christmas is over, especially as we had a teething 5 month old. Poor little (cranky) thing!! hee hee Glad to hear you are having a wonderful break!!

  3. WOWOWOW! I am jealous of your time away from the computer--I wish I had the will power to do that! I hope you enjoyed your time away and that you had a fabulous Christmas!!

  4. Good for you!! Enjoy your and New Years !! I feel like my life is on the computer and lately I get home from work and say to Char stay OFF the computer you have things to do lol!!

  5. Good for you Paige! Enjoy your downtime!! :)

  6. Oh, YAY!!!! Good for you! I'm SOOOOO proud of you!!

    Oh... wait... have you been *working*?! As in, doing other computer and blog stuff? LOL. I understand that work is work, and we all have to do some of it... *sigh*... but if you're taking a vacation from that too, then i'm MORE proud of you.

    I love you either way though... ;-)

    p.s. You deserve a break. Seriously, you are Wonder Woman. :-)


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