The One with Christmas-time at Disneyland

Friday, December 2, 2011

Here's the happy post that was supposed to be up yesterday, but then the scary windstorm sidetracked me.

Fox and I went to Disneyland Tuesday morning! Everything is decked out to the nines in Christmasness! What could be better than the most wonderful time of the year at the happiest place on earth? Not much, that's what :)

1. Happy Holidays to you too Disneyland!
2. The main entrance.
3. Ditto.
4. Pretty poinsettias.

1. The huge Christmas tree they set up every year.
2. Festive Main Street.
3. Cinderella's Castle. Must come back at nighttime to see it all lit up.
4. First ride of the day: Snow White.

1. 2nd ride - Pinocchio.
2. If you can't tell, I love pretty flowers.
3. Waiting for the Casey Jr. Train.
4. The Casey Jr. Train.

1. On the carousel.
2. Giddyup!
3. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
4. Part of Alice in Wonderland - I think it looks like a lovely watercolor.

1. Another Alice in Wonderland view.
2. It's a Small World!
3. Inside It's a Small World. This ride is one of the coolest things about Disney at Christmas.
4. The Enchanted Tiki Room.

1. Inside the Enchanted Tiki room. A few months ago I'd never been inside this attraction, now it's a must every visit!
2. There was no line at the Haunted Mansion! My lucky day!
3. Last ride of the day: Pirates of the Caribbean. It's been closed for a couple months now and try as I might I couldn't find anything new about the ride? Maybe they just gave it a good cleaning. Who knows.
4. The Blue Bayou restaurant inside Pirates. They've got good food.
It's always a fun time at Disneyland! Now we just have to go back when it's dark to see all the twinkle lights. And to see The World of Color light show. One of these days!


  1. Great pics! We went to Disney two years ago at Christmastime. It was magical! We go every year but during the holidays is fantastic. I have to admit I've never been in the Tiki Room--will have to try it next time. Thanks for the tip :) And World of Color is awesome--you must see it soon!

  2. I went to Disneyworld at Halloween once, and it was definitely cool to see. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be at Christmas!

  3. Hi Paige! I was wondering if there is a tutorial anywhere on those washi flowers you made for your card on the Create blog? I would really love to make those.

  4. Paige if you ever need someone to go with call me!! Alex and I are new annual pass holders and I loooove Disneyland. Let's go soon :)

  5. It must be so amazing there!! I have to see Disneyland sometime :)


  6. Lovely pics. I am sure it was wonderful during Christmas time. TFS

  7. Great photos Paige!! It looks like it is so much fun there during the holidays!!! Now I want to take a trip!!!

  8. Man that looks like fun!!!!!!! LOVE your pic. of Cindarela's castle! awesome :-)

  9. Fun fun! We need to go soon. When are you leaving the holidays? We will have a week before we head out. We should go together!

  10. awesome pictures-I've always wondered what it looks like at Disneyland at christmas time. Good to know about pirates--bummed it was closed when we were there--love that ride, and the Haunted Mansion is also my favorite....

  11. Whoa, what a small world (no pun intended) I was there on Tuesday as well. Except we went at night...and you have got to do that it is simply magical. I cry when the castle lights up (what a nerd). LOVE that stunning photo of the castle, well done you!

  12. So so so pretty.....and I am so so so jealous!! Although I love seeing all your lovely pics of Disneyland! Its on my bucket list to visit....I will have to make sure it is around Christmas time!!

  13. I've seen the Florida parks for Christmas but I would LOVE to see Disneyland. Disney always does it up right! :)

  14. Hate to be a pain, but you know me... I'm a total Disney-Whacko. ;-) But it's "Sleeping Beauty's" Castle. Cinderella's castle is in WDW. ;-) Hee hee.

    And of course I'm SOOOO excited that you posted all these photos because I miss Disneyland SO much!

    And hey... a fun fact... have I told you this? The Christmas tree in Main Street has several different size ornament balls on it. The ones toward the bottom are MUCH larger, and the ones at the top are MUCH smaller... to give the tree the appearance of being even taller than it is. ;-) Fun, yes? They think of everything! :-D

    I LOOOOVE It's a Small World. My favorite ride.

    As for Pirates, usually when it's closed for "refurbishment," they just clean, dust and update paint. So perhaps you *could* notice if something is painted a bit brighter... or the mud is thicker on the dude's foot... you know, that guy sitting on the bridge over you. Heeee. :-p

  15. Fox sure is a lucky boy to get to go to Disneyland with his mommy so much!

  16. Very beautiful. Going to Disneyland for Christmastime will be every child's dream come true. I enjoyed looking at those photos.

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