The One with a Typical Week

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Google Calendar is my lifesaver. I used to use Franklin Covey day planners, but they were expensive and now that everything is digital I've come to love and majorly depend on this - no pens or pencils or erasers needed, AND I can change and update it on the go from my phone!

Here is what a week in the life of Paige Evans looks like:
Pink = Daily Life
Yellow = American Crafts work
Aqua = Scrapbook Trends work
Gray = TV shows/random things I don't want to forget

This week is filled with work, work, and more work, a Dr. appointment for Fox, a double baby shower (there are soooo many babies being born around here this year - as always!), the latest and greatest Studio Calico reveal, blogging daily, lots of great TV, paying rent, and so.much.more. Just another typical week in this stay-at-home-working-mom's life!

PS - It was exactly 8 years ago to the day that I met my eternal companion! Read our story as told from Chris' perspective HERE. Happy 8th Meetiversary Chris!


  1. Best 8 years of my life. I love you!

  2. I use my Hotmail calendar in the same way. It's my homepage so I see it as soon as I log on. Use it to plan meals for the week ahead too - but didn't think of colours
    Happy anniversary

  3. Hi Chis,
    today published a page on my blog, this page is a lift of a layout your, is a page that I love!
    I hope you do not get mad at me ... lol.
    xoxo ,
    Tania .

  4. cute and fun. my days used to work with the calendars too but then the stupid computer stopped syncing with my phone so some of my day is on the comp, some of it's on the phone..weirddddd. i love the meeting story! so cute!

  5. I have come to love Google Calandar as well this past few months. And we have it linked between mine and my (almost) husbands phone - so we can both add and update it!! its great!! 8 years - congrats on that, its almost 11 of dating my (almost) husband!! SCARY it has gone so quick!!

  6. Got to love Google calendar! I think my fav thing is sharing a family calendar with my husband. Everything is all in one place and we can update from phones of computers.

    Happy 8th Meetiversary to you. :)

  7. i definitely need to give
    google a try .. i heard it has
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  8. omg, what a sweet man, to remember all those details and to be articulate to write them down. You 2 are so happy and it shows. I am happy that there are love stories that do work off to compose my Valentine grinch blog hop post...;)

  9. I love when you share posts like this--It's super fun to get to know my blog friends! Your schedule looks SUPER full! I'll have to check out this google calendar program! Looks so much easier than paper/pencil--and I LOVE that you can change it on your phone! FAB!

  10. Happy Anniversary! Google is a lifesaver, we use it as a family calendar as well - love. Good luck on your busy week;)

  11. love all the shows at the bottom. definitely a must to write down so you don't forget :)
    xo TJ

  12. Love seeing a peek into your daily life, and had to lol at the TV list at the bottom. I guess it's a good way to remember the shows you don't want to forget!
    Happy Meetiversary to you and Chris :)

  13. Well glad that google calendar works for you!! So fun to take a peek in ur daily life :) I used my iPhone to do the work, maybe I should try google too! Happy meetiversary to u and Chris! U both are darling :)

  14. OOOOhhh I love the google calendar with it color coded. How do you link it to your phone? Do you just go through to a browser? I need this but soon I'll have so many calendars that I'll need a calendar to keep up with my calendars. LOL

  15. Oh gosh, I NEED to try this. Remembering everything just in my noggin hasn't cut it lately!


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