The One with GNO: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's gonna be SO HARD to leave all these amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, fun 'n crazy ladies when we graduate from dental school in May! I can't even think about it cuz I'll burst into tears!
After a loooooooong week (Chris was gone 7am-10pm since Monday doing some mobile clinic rotation thinga-ma-jig) it was definitely time for a GNO. And what better thing to do than see the conclusion of The Twilight Saga?! We've been going together ever since New Moon so it's been a fun yearly tradition. Now what should we see? The Host in March?! Yes please!

The movie was, well, haha. Let's just say I laughed a lot. I actually think it was better than the book, which is usually not the case with book-turned-movies. Bella's freakout over Jacob calling Renesmee "Nessy" was my favorite part. I almost got up and walked out of the theater in a storm of fury during the fight scene - if you know what I'm talking about. You can't stray from the book like that! But it all worked out :)

Can't wait 'til our next GNO!


  1. Wait... what?!?! They changed the fight scene? I had a feeling they would! LOL. I was like, "Hollywood is NOT going to like this... let's-not-fight-and-talk-it-out-instead part!" Ha ha. Then I saw a clip of Bella opening a can on the Volturi, and I was like, "WHAT?!" LOL. But I guess you do what you gotta do for the movie-goers... even if they're not book fans. Psh. ;-)

    ANYWHO... I can't wait to see it anyway! LOL!

  2. Seriously my heart was beating SO HARD during that scene ... people in the theater that we saw it in were crying, swearing and yelling at the screen.... it was INSANE!!! I couldn't believe that they did that to us!!!!! CRAZY!!! But I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. Just saw it this morning! Pretty good.

  5. It was so bittersweet. Every year, the bestie and I dress up, complete with contacts and all. I am still digesting the final installment, but totally understand your reaction. My friend had to hold me back from leaving and my brother actually did walk out and didn't come back. So looking forward to The Hobbit and Catching Fire for our GNO movies.

  6. Awww, I still haven't seen it but people keep talking about how the fight scene is intense!

  7. Yes! Lets do the host in march! Especially before you graduate! Insert sad face :(

  8. WOW! That's a large group of girlfriends! You are so blessed to have so many friends---we have a hard time finding anyone our age in our town! The average age in our church (and most of our area) is 60!!! YIKES!

    I'm glad you guys had a great time!!


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