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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I got this idea from Mandy!
Age: 27
Height & Weight: 5'6" & 138.5 pounds (still 18.5 pounds to go 'til I reach my goal!)
Married: Yes'm! To the one and only (actually, as far as names go, he's 1 of 441 Chris Evans'... but anyway). Chris Evans!
Children: Fox Thomas - 2 years and Jane Catherine - 3 months. We're tentatively planning for #3 in the Spring of 2014. But I can't even think about having another baby right now, I've still got one!
Favorite color: Red is my default favorite color, but it's really not my favorite color anymore. I'ma go with chartreuse. 
Drinking: Water. Boring, I know.
Working on: Editing Create: Mini Albums (Spring 2013) text and scrapping pages for clients.
Talking to: No one. The babies are asleep and Chris is still at school. It's currently 7:20pm. He's been gone since 6:50am. Not cool man, not cool.
Favorite book: This is such a hard question for me. I'm gonna have to go with Ender's Game.
Wanting: To go to the American Crafts Warehouse Sale! (See post below). And to go to Disneyland since all the Christmas decorations are up!
Eating: Today was an off day. I've been doing pretty good as far as eating healthy, but since Chris has been home for a total of like 2 hours in the past 3 days combined I've turned to food as my friend...
Thinking about: Everything I have to get done in the next few weeks. Work. Scrapping. Client pages. Ward Christmas Party preparation and execution. Relief Society Christmas Party preparation and execution. Packing. Christmas shopping.
Excited about: Going to Washington for Christmas!
Favorite Movie: Elizabethtown. Starring Orlando Bloom ('nuff said).
Worried about: Our budget and how we're gonna afford Christmas presents. Also Jane's neck is always tilted to one side and I'm worried she needs physical therapy.
Had enough of: Fox's tantrums. Holy moly.
Might try: A pumpkin Jamba Juice, if I can ever find time to go!
Waiting for: Pitch Perfect to be on DVD and so I can watch it on repeat for 12 days straight.
Listening to: Justin Bieber. I'm not afraid to admit it.
Last movie you saw: Skyfall. So good. So good. So good.
Wearing: Allie's pink stretchy pajama pants and Allie's pajama shirt. Why am I wearing two of Allie's things? Weird.
Lovin: Blue skies and warm weather. Sorry East coasters....really, I am!
Tattoos YES or NO?: Nope. If I ever did, and I won't, haha, it'd be a black light tattoo on my toe or someplace inconspicuous. 
Happy to be: Doing what I love doing and mommying and working and everything. So cliche :)
Favorite song right now: As Long as You Love Me by Justin Biber. I know I KNOW, I'm a tweenager!
Canon or Nikon girl: I have a Nikon so I guess Nikon. But I'm good with either.
Ready for: Chris to be done with dental school and the Army so we can finally be on our own!
Toes painted or natural: Natural. I have nail polish though, I should use it.
Glad I have: I could do an entire year's worth of posts about everything I'm glad I have!
Not ready for: Winter. I'd rather be hot than cold. (Ask me the same question in August though and I'd probably say I'm ready for winter!)
Healthy YES or NO: Workin' on it!
Still cool as you were 10 years ago?: Eh. Mas o menos. 


  1. how fun! thanks for the informative post :) in my opinion, you look fanfabulous as you are now...and I love Disney at Christmas time too, lucky you that you can live so close :)

  2. Loved reading that!!! Awesome about your weight goal!

  3. so fun! maybe i'll do that today. where are the photos from?

  4. ps about the Jane's neck thing, make sure she doesn't have torticolois - we did a lot of exercises we youtubed with Jordan because his head was crooked (as were his ears) cuz he always slept on his right ONLY, and we avoided expensive physical therapy or those helmets down the road. It was tough - and he didn't like it all the time, but it's all good now. He finally sleeps on his left side or his back as well.

  5. Loved this idea for a post! And I don't know how you've been doing Jillian Michaels. I started doing a few and about died! She's too hardcore for me!

  6. LOVE this!! Great way to get to know you better! I might have to try this for a scrapbook page or journal topic:) THANKS for sharing!! <3

  7. Pumpkin jambas are yummy! Also, I'd say you only have 8 pounds left, 120 is too skinny for someone as tall as you.

  8. oh my gosh sooo fun!!!! loved reading this..

    I played along too:

  9. DITTO supaflowapowa on the torticolis thing! That's what Kinzley had and had to end up with the helmet. ;( Either Youtube some stretches or just take her in to your pediatrician and say, "Give me the Physical Therapy papers to explain the stretches we need to do to avoid a helmet!!" Good luck! :)

  10. PS- we are the exact same height, weigh exactly the same, and I have the exact same weight-loss goal. I'm not doin' so hot though since my 2nd baby is over a year old. haha Let's motivate each other- or more like you're going to be my inspiration and motivate me. :) TIPS?!?!

  11. My son Noah's head titled, and I didn't even remember until I read your post! We were worried and asked the doctor. She said almost all babies have this as a result of the way they were cramped in the womb. As he got better head control, it went away. I'm sure Jane's will too! :)

  12. This is soooooooooo fun!! My birthday is coming up and I think I will do this!!!

  13. WHY ISN'T Behind the Mist your favorite Book?????

  14. Fun list! We took our boys to the chiropractor...Twin A always looked like a parenthesis when he was laying down on his back. After a few adjustments he was straight as could be!

  15. Love fun! Thanks for sharing!

  16. My youngeste had torticolois. His head always tilted to the right, which caused a flat spot on that side which caused his right eye to be smaller than his left. I had to stretch out his neck a few times a day - it worked and he eventually outgrew it. He did not have to wear the helmet and with me doing the exercises we avoided the official physical therapy. Definitely ask your doctor about the stretches/exercises you can do at home with her.

  17. I love this! And by the way, I also LOVE Elizabethtown! It reminds me of going to visit my dad's family haha.


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