The One with a Pinterest Thanksgiving

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving is on Thursday! We're spending the holiday together just the four of us. Chris is planning to cook his first ever turkey and perhaps I'll get domestic too and see if I can make some candied yams and/or scalloped potatoes and/or green bean casserole. Mmmm. Food.

Here are some other Thanksgiving related activities, decor, yummies, and such - all of which the sources can be found on my Thanksgiving Pinterest Board

The epitome of Thanksgiving.

A fun color-by-letters turkey!

Burlap and ribbon fall wreath.

I spy oreos, candy corn, reese's peanut butter cups, and frosting. 

The "keep calm" trend continues!

Tulle turkey wreath.
Fun colored sugar cookies! Sugar cookies are my weakness...
Vintage book page projects are so in!
I like this idea - a white frame with white paper and white "grateful" sentiment then everyone writes what they're thankful for before dinner.
This is just so lovely. So so lovely.
Flag printables.
I'm always up for a cute banner!
Cute log place cards.

Gold glitter pumpkins!
Beautiful fallish wreath.
A fun Bingo game for the kidlets - to keep them entertained while the food takes FOREVER to cook :)
Yarn ball turkey with paper leaves that have things the kids are grateful for written on them.
Me thinks I need to make one of these for Jane! A ribbon turkey T!
So simple, so stunning. Fall foliage in a chicken wire frame.
Sticks in a glass jar with patterned paper tags - write things you're grateful for on the tags and you've got a Thankful Tree!
Halloween costume that keeps on giving!
But then again... I went to GAP today and asked if they'll be open on Black Friday at midnight and the lady at the register said they'll be open ON Thanksgiving from 10-5. I told her that's sad. She said they get a lot of business. Again I told her it's sad that they have to work :(
Mini pumpkin pies? I'll take three hundred just one please.
Super pretty display of all things fall.
Framed leaves - genius!
Cute kids table decor - easy to make with a die cut machine!
Kind of like the sugar cookies above, but this is fondant for a fall cake!
Fingerprint fun!
What a great use of pinecones!
I'm loving all the different ways pumpkins can be dressed up (or down?) for the holidays.
Mouth. Watering.
Au-natural turkey!
That's all I've got in my Thanksgiving Pinterest Board for now!


  1. Loving all the Thanksgiving goodies you have shared!! So sad so many stores are open on Thanksgiving now --- it's going to get to the point where we won't have that holiday sacred anymore!! Sad....

  2. I think the people who run Miles's preschool must be on Pinterest, because he made those multi-colored leaf cookies and the mini pumpkin pies this month. They were both very tasty, if you're considering making them.

  3. Okay, I could eat the whole batch of those mini pumpkin pies!!!! YUM! And you should totally make green bean casserole. I made it last year and it was super easy. And if I say that, then it definitely must be true! ;)

  4. wow Paige, how fun was that post! I love sugar cookies too, gotta have frosting :) I ate one of those turkey oreo cookies today at my son's school, the mom made them look just like those, yummy :)

  5. I love oreo turkeys but we never make 'em that fancy! I fell in love with one my fourth grade teacher made with us and last year, began the tradition with my nieces. It's awesome!!!!!!! We'll see how this year goes. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving and good luck to Chris - he'll be great! I've never made a turkey before but my brother and Andy both have, seems to be a dude thing. I'm with you though - I bought Costco pies for my contribution this year, hehe.


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