The One with Allie in China & Paige in Germany

Saturday, February 22, 2014

My poor mom. Both of her daughters (and her only two grandchildren (Eric & Tanya, Allie & Tate - change that ASAP!!! :)) live far, far, far away. 

We live in Germany. Got here in July 2013 and we'll probably be here 'til July 2016. 
And then my little sister Allie and her husband Tate just moved to CHINA for six months to help teach English in elementary schools. 

I've LOVED living vicariously through Allie's instagram photos and blog posts. Here are just a few of @allisoncelestia's grams:
I've always wanted to visit The Great Wall of China - now I have a double excuse to go! To see my mini me!


  1. Wow, those pictures look real interesting. And yes, I know.... I am a poor mom also. One daughter lives on Whidbey Island across from Seattle and the other in Connecticut.

  2. Thanks for sharing your sister's Instagram photos! This young happy couple must be living the time of their life in China! There are SO many things to (and in Germany, too!)! Lucky for us to follow your blog!

  3. uhh yes! Come visit us in China!!! Please!! We talk about how fun it'd be to go to Germany to see you two.... miss you!!

  4. Pretty cool experience for them!


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