The One with Insta-Lately Feb 12th Edition

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Only 10 days after my last installment of "Insta-Lately"... :) Lots has been goin' on, 'aight?!

I woke up last Friday and looked out the window and noticed pink clouds! So I quickly grabbed my camera and ran outside to document. The prettiest sunrise I ever did see!
Joey likes to be outside all day, every day. He's not a big barker but he does go "woof" when he sees other dogs. He was barking so loud and so long I had to see what was going on. I saw this GINORMOUS Bernese Mountain dog checking Joey out. 
I saw a kid approach "Bernie" and the dog was very nice, so when the kid left I went out and brought the dog through our house and into our backyard. You should have seen the looks on Fox and Jane's faces when I brought this bear-sized dog into our living room to get outside! I called the phone number on Bernie's tag but it was out of service. So I called the Military Police and a few minutes later they came over and took the dog away - I sure hope they found the owner! Dogs are required to be microchipped so I hope they were able to scan him and find his home. I know that if Joey got out (and he has several times and it's been the most terrifying experience every time because he's a terrible dog and books it as far and as fast as his little legs can carry him) I would want someone to catch him and bring him into their safe backyard until I could get to him. So, long story short, that was my good deed of the day!

 I love the view from our bedroom window, especially on a clear day when we can see all the way out to that little mountain. I want to climb it someday!
 Janey girl eating a french fry at the food court. Pretty blue eyes and out of control piggies!
 Going through my inventory of pacifier clips. I love having all the ribbons spread out - so many pretty colors and styles!
 This girl was sick with a 101 plus fever for a week! There was a nasty cold/cough going around and sadly Jane fell victim to it. Being sick makes her a horrible sleeper so when she woke up in the mornings she would need looooots of snuggles to make her happy. Her wish is my command!
This was the first year I got to make Valentines for Fox! I started with punching heart confetti, of course! 
 I LOVE BUTTONS! You can bet these new Color Theory buttons by Studio Calico jumped into my cart before I could blink!
 I am in the middle of soooooo many projects. Here you can see the beginnings of my 2Peas Garden Girl layout (debuting next Monday) and a big stack of Bar/Bat Mitzvah pages I'm helping create for Amy Tangerine. Boy do I miss "working" at those extravagant events! I love that even across the world I can help her out by making pages.
 I shared Jamie's book here a few days ago, but then I grammed about it too so I'm sharing it again :)
 2Peas February printables printed? Check! February cut files cut? Check! Selfies taken and printed for "me-themed" layouts? Check check! Ready, set, scrap!
This girl thinks she doesn't need a morning nap anymore. Me-thinks she's wrong.
The Grafenwoehr Army Base is such a beautiful place. So much character!
Any day that starts with a ginormous Studio Calico box on your doorstep is going to be a good day for sure!
Fox's Valentine's Day party was today. Jane got to come along too! Here they are munching on their cookies.
Cutie patooties!
Fox's decorated cookie - sugar overload?!
  I've been busy scrapping scrapping scrapping for lots of fun things coming up! Like the American Crafts Valentine's Day Blog Hop taking place at 5am Pacific Time on Friday! Here's the first step of one of the two layouts I made:
And that's what we've been up to "insta"lately!


  1. Can't wait to see what Valentine's you make for Fox :)

  2. Loving the photos ... hoping they were able to locate Bernie's family!!!

  3. Loving all of the photos. I can relate to a sicky little one. My littlest has been sick and cuddly too. I will take it. They aren't going to be little forever. I love that he still loves to cuddle his mama at 7 yrs old.

  4. That little mountain is actually a volcano! There is a little path to the top where there are some great views! My husband was stationed there in Graf from 2008-2011 and we went there. It's so fun looking at all your pictures and seeing places we've been to!


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