The One with a House Divided

Saturday, February 1, 2014

If you look under the picture of our family where it says "About Us" the first thing you read is:
Paige is from Seattle.
Chris is from Denver. 
Uh oh.
We are a house divided.
Go Seahawks :)

Updated to add - the Seahawks won. It was a cremation slaughter 43 - 8.


  1. Go Broncos! Peyton won't be denied!

  2. Sorry....I'm with Chris...Go Broncos! :)

  3. Sorry ... my BFF is from Denver .soooooooo ... lol :) And PS ... I might be able to get back in your good graces here by telling you, based on your review ...I bought Me Before You -- started it yesterday and LOVING it so far!! :)

  4. Oh oh!...What a dilemma! I think it's win-win situation for you and Chris, right ( one of them will win no matter what)!?

  5. Wohoo.....go Hawks! (I live in Seattle ;) #12thman

  6. love this. not quite as tied as the two of you BUT the two super bowl teams represent the birthplaces of both my children. who cares. GO SEAHAWKS!!!!

  7. yeah go hawks (from Seattle area too!) Love your scrap pages!


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