The One with Blog Your Heart - January 2014

Friday, January 31, 2014

Playing along with Stephanie Howell's Blog Your Heart this month as I have quite a few things on my mind lately that will hopefully feel good to get off my chest. 

I find that I'm comparing myself to a lot of people lately in the scrapbooking world. How many likes/comments/views/hits/shares/favorites compared to other people and it stresses me out. I guess I just need to focus on me, myself, and I, and not worry about others?

I have a problem saying "no"and a lot of times end up taking on too many side projects, for free, from the goodness of my heart, ha. As my Grandpa always says, "You need to take it down to about 90!"
Jane has skipped her morning nap two days in a row and has woken up several times in the night the last few weeks and I am soooo tired. While the kids nap is when I get stuff done. Slowly going crazy here. I'm not ready for her to give up her morning nap!! Seriously contemplating whether or not to have more kids in the future. I'm pretty happy with our family of 4.

I'm getting fat. My clothes don't fit me anymore. I eat oreos, candy, chips, fast food, cookies, and snacks ALL DAY LONG. I stopped exercising back in November when we went to Vienna. But when I diet I'm grumpy! And I hate exercising cuz it's painful and I don't like pain. I hate having to control myself and I hate cooking and trying to think of things to make for me and the kids, let alone that are healthy. Send me to The Biggest Loser please.

Our house is so boring in the decor department. All of the walls are stark white. We're allowed to paint, but that's right up there with cooking in my "hate" department. Maybe when my parents come in April we can enlist their help since they're painting experts after remodeling two homes. I have two huge boxes filled with frames that I want to put on the walls, but hanging stuff on these walls is a nightmare. The walls are cement so to get even just a silly stupid nail in requires heavy duty tools like electric drills and special diamond drill bits. Everything I've hung so far has been done with tape. Plus we're only going to be here for 2 1/2 more years. Is it worth it? But I really want our house to feel like a home and I think frames and pictures will help. Maybe tomorrow since we're not going anywhere we can spend the day decorating.

Okay that's enough Negative Nancy stuff! 

I'm so excited for our upcoming trip to Barcelona, Spain over Valentine's Day weekend! There are so many beautiful things to see and places to explore! And most of all, I'm ready to escape the freezing cold and snow!

Also along the travel front, we're planning a road trip to end all road trips with Chris' brother Jay and his wife Haylie in May! We're going all the way down the coast of Croatia to Montenegro and back with stops at Lake Bled, the Julian Alps, and Ljubljana in Slovenia, and Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes, Split, Mostar (Bosnia), Korcula, Dubrovnik, and turning around in Montenegro. Looking at pictures of all these places makes me giddy! So much beauty in the world!

My sister and her husband are moving to China TOMORROW for six months to teach English! I'm so excited for them and can't wait to follow along their adventures. 

I'm in the beginning stages of forming an online book club with my new friend Kelsey Noble! Details coming soon. In the meantime, if you have suggestions for a name for the book club I'd love to hear 'em!
That's all for now :) TGIF!


  1. First ... huge hugs!!! :)
    Second ... if it was just you doing the book club -- you could have fun with your name, like - "Paige's pages" or "Turning a Paige" or "Paige turners" or something like that :)

  2. I'm sorry Paige! :( they have those sticky hanger things that you could get. They stick to the frame and then to the wall. I don't know a name for a book club...

  3. I'll suggest those Command strips for pictures, too. We used them in the first three places we lived because we weren't allowed to use nails.

    I want to join your book club when it gets started :)

  4. One of the things i love about your blog is how honest you are. I honestly think you are one of the most amazing scrapbookers. Ever. You have such a unique style and i love it!
    I might be interested in a book club. Im getting an ereader for my birthday :) im no help with a name though. Expecting baby #2 and i have pregnancy brain. Lol

  5. *hugs* I feel you on painting a place. We chose not to paint, but instead did vinyl decals to help colorful up some spaces. I don't find the command hooks worked very well on our plaster walls- they tended to come loose pretty quickly. But we could find these nail hangers at the hardware store, sometimes on base at the exchange, mostly off base though. They were little hooks with three tiny barbed nails, they couldn't hold a ton of weight but worked great for things like pictures, small display items, etc.

    Living overseas is hard, but making the place as much of a home as you can is definitely worth it. Having that place that is a haven to you can make things so much better.

  6. I say YES to decorating your house! I read a few scrapbooking blogs, but so much of them are self-promotion in the way of being "cool". I love your blog because you make amazing pages and because you're real. Like admitting that you hate to cook and love to eat junk! Thanks for always blogging your heart!

  7. that is the most negative I have ever heard you -- which is never! Life isn't always smiles and sunshine, so you have the right to be negative sometimes :) By the way, if it makes you feel ANY better.. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE GARDEN GIRL. By far. :)

  8. Hugs!!! I know I'm nobody, but you are my favorite scrapper in the world....I consider you a scrapping rock star :) NO BODY does the things you do with scraps and punches!!!! I also know how it feels to not be able to decorate the way you wish......we own our house but hubby has this "thing" about nails in the wall or doing anything. He thinks the fact that the house was painted 30 years ago when it was built is good I crave my own pretty, comfy girly space! Did I mention that I have 5 boys, plus hubby.....yeah, the girls space will never happen :(

  9. I don't think your work compares to anyone! I know as soon as I see a page that it is by Paige! It is so inspiring to me!

    I am an avid exerciser and I think you need to find something that doesn't feel like exercise: Tennis, volleyball, barre classes and hopefully you'll be in a new groove soon.

    I suck at decorating too and I'm impressed Jane has kept 2 naps this long!! Good luck with that, sleep is a wacky thing!

  10. I think you are amazing and inspirational! I love that your layouts are so unique and true to your style. I love reading your blog because you are so open and real. Your kids are adorable too! x

  11. Nothing wrong with some "Negative Nancy" moments - we ALL have them (and more than likely for all the same reasons you do!) From all the way over in New Zealand I think you are amazing. Your work is gorgeous, your kids are adorable and how you juggle it all is beyond me. Love your blog, love that you post daily (not sure how you fit that in as well?!) Breathe, cut yourself some slack and let it all go. Tomorrow is another day (and hopefully one with some sleep in it for you and Jane!) : )

  12. I don't comment much but I read your blog faithfully. I haven't done much Scrapbooking lately because I was doing the same thing and comparing myself to others, but your layouts and your blog post on your travels have really made me feel like scrapping again. Also, I want to say Thank You for being true and for the sacrifice you and your family are making by being in the Army.

  13. Dieting makes me grumpy too. You KNOW I feel your pain! And, I am super tired of our house too. I haven't made or purchased anything nice for our house in a long time and it looks so dated. The kitchen remodel can't come fast enough for me. Dald and I are excited to help you with whatever project you might have for us.

  14. I'm totally with you on #1. I have been doubting my work a lot lately, too. You are amazing though, Paige. Just a thought on picture hanging- get 3M frame hangers for the lighter stuff! Less holes in the wall!

  15. Loved your vent, since I struggle with some of the same things.

    I think when you're a creative person, it's easy for others to expect -- or for you to expect of yourself -- that you'll be over-the-top creative in areas other than your main outlet (like cooking or home decor), but that is so NOT the case for me. I'm always stumped when it comes to fashion or getting stuff on my walls or creative cooking, but I'm at home with pretty paper and photos. And I have to just tell myself that it's okay. :)

  16. Everyone needs to vent sometimes!

    We just moved my mil into a senior's apartment building, and also had to find ways to add that homey touch to stark white walls without drilling holes. One idea was to build a very narrow sort of "sofa table", to place behind her sofa. Then an assortment of family photos could be placed on it, without actually hanging them on the wall.

    A book club sounds fun. I LOVE to read!

  17. I feel you on the comparing thing Paige!! I think we all do that off and on. And I am so glad to hear someone else say they hate exercising, because I do too!!! Your long trip sounds amazing! Can't wait to see photos!!

  18. If it makes you feel better, Evelynd hasn't napped in a year and Ethan gave up his morning naps months ago. He naps once a day for about 45 minutes, unless we are in the car -- then he'll sleep more. So, you are actually very lucky in the nap department. Also, I found an online meal planner that really helped with the food thing. I think mine was on the General Mills website. You can search an ingredient (like vegetables) and find recipes, make shopping lists, etc. Then you do it once a week or less and don't have to think.

  19. Being in a funk is never fun! Everything will turn around soon! Just think of all the history and beautify you are surrounded by! Also, hanging pictures is definitely worth it. In our last apartment we never hung anything up for the entire year and it just never felt like ours. Can't wait to move into our new apartment and hang whatever my heart desires ;)

  20. First of all, you are amazing and I read once somewhere a quote that sticks with me, "comparison is the thief of joy.".. it's so true. I try to remind myself that when I feel down about how I measure up.

    Second.. I use this online service called six o'clock scramble. It's amazing. seriously. I HATE to cook. I think this contributes to the problem when I gain weight. I will reach for something easy and unhealthy 9 out of 10 times if I don't have plans. Using this service over the past few months has gotten me back in the hang of cooking healthy meals nightly for my family. They even love the meals and the variation of what I make. It allows you to pick a meal plan weekly, makes a grocery list for you, and breaks down the recipes so that they are dummy proof (seriously, like it will say.. "fill up a medium saucepan with water and put on med-high heat to boil, while you wait for the water to boil start the side item. Here's how to cook the side item….." etc etc.) It's a total lifesaver and I could see it working for you. :)

    Third. I need to blog my heart too but have been hesitating because I don't want to sound like a total Debbie Downer.. but you've shown me that it can be done in a not so downer way, but more from the heart in an honest.. this is what I'm thinking kind of way.

    Fourth. Longest comment ever! :)

  21. I understand the feelings you are going through - hugs!
    I can't wait to see your book club idea...I'm already in!


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