The One with Fox's First Day in Primary

Friday, January 10, 2014

I'd been dreading Fox graduating from Nursery and starting Primary for MONTHS. Cuz Fox LOOOOOVES Nursery, as is clearly evident in this picture of his last day in Nursery.
(What IS it with kids and bubbles??? They're like magic!) 
 He talks about Nursery non-stop for days after church and pretty much thinks playing with toys for two hours every Sunday is the bee's knees. So I was worried that he wouldn't like Primary and therefore wouldn't like church, thus beginning a downhill battle, so on and so forth. 
We'd been prepping Fox for a few weeks, trying to talk Primary up and tell him he's a big boy now and big boys go to Primary.
Sunday was the big day!
We were late to Sacrament Meeting because Jane took an extra long morning nap. After Sacrament I took Jane to Nursery for the first time (that's a whole other post I need to write!) Technically she isn't supposed to start until she's 18 months old on January 28th, but now Chris is teaching classes 2nd hour and I'm in Primary 2nd and 3rd hour, so JaNae was super nice to take Jane under her wing. But like I said, I need to write a different post altogether about Jane's first day in Nursery!
After I dropped Jane off I took Fox with me upstairs. The youngest kids, the Sunbeams (ages 3 turning 4 in 2014), sit in the very front row. I teach the CTR (Choose the Right) 4 turning 5 in 2014 year old kids, so we sit directly behind Fox's row. I was also dreading that he would see me and just want to be with me and act like his normal rowdy self with me so close by.
Here is Fox with another new recruit - his buddy Tru - sitting on their chairs for the very first time. They look a little confused and apprehensive!
 Sister Chatterly was so nice and welcoming to the new Sunbeams and they all stood up and got sung to a couple of times. 
 Fox even got to participate in one of the activities and held up a piece of paper in the front of the Primary.
 I had to shuffle seats a few times to help out kids in my class, and whenever I wasn't there when Fox turned around and looked for me he'd yell "MOM!!!". It was funny. But he was super enthusiastic and payed attention the entire time. I'm so relieved and happy! I hope this trend continues!
Oh the adventures of the first child :) Love ya Fox!


  1. Good for him!! That's awesome! LOVING the photos!!!!

  2. Man I love our kid! Good job in nursery, Fox!

  3. i'm so glad he loved it. that's cool that you're in primary too so you can keep an eye on him. such a big boy!

    (also...for some reason our ward decided to combine the sunbeams with the 4 year old class. i dont think this will be a big deal later but i didn't really like it for their first week -- jack and sully seemed SO TINY compared to those older kids :( poor guys.)

  4. So glad it went as well as it could! He is a trooper and so are y'all!

  5. Isn't it great when our kids rise to the occasion? Good job, Fox!

  6. His little outfit, especially the shirt, is killing me! Glad to hear he is easing in ok.

  7. Hooooly Cow, can't believe he's old enough to be in Primary already! He is looking so dapper, too! So awesome you get to be there and see it all (although maybe some days you may not want to see it all!)

    P.S. We got your Christmas card in the mail today! It was so cute (of course!) We wanted to send you guys one, but weren't quite sure how to get it all the way to Germany! :/ But know we were thinking of you!!


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