The One with the New Blog Design by Heart & Arrow

Monday, January 27, 2014

If you're reading via BlogLovin or Feedly or Facebook or any other place, may I recommend you hop on over to the actual Chris & Paige Blog and check out the new look!
I've been itching for a new design for ages, but every time I sat down to try and do it myself I got overwhelmed. HTML is so far beyond me! So a few weeks ago I turned to etsy and searched "custom blogger design" and fell in love with Heart & Arrow's designs. I quickly purchased a package, filled out a questionnaire with what I was looking for, and a couple weeks later my new blog is up and running and I love it oh so much! I still need to add "about" and "contact me" content to the tabs at the top, but every other link is fully-functional.

I highly recommend Whitney of Heart & Arrow! Fast, friendly, exactly what I wanted!


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