The One with Jane at 18 Months

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Today baby Jane (who isn't such a baby anymore!) is 18 months new! This is the BEST age! 
I have her 18 month appointment next week so I'll add in her stats then.

I did a little photoshoot this morning after her nap to remember her at 18 months. We took the pics in her room where there's decent light. She moves around a mile a minute though, so I just went with it and snapped away as she was doing whatever she was doing.
She is very interested in cameras and phones and iPads and iPods and things of that nature. And she is AAAALLLLLWWWWAAAAYYYYSSSS coloring! You should see our white walls... thank goodness for the Magic Eraser Sponge cuz this girl has done a number to our house!
She has such a sweet personality, is Miss Independent, and loves to give hugs and kisses.
She takes awhile to wake up after a nap and usually needs to be cuddled and snuggled for a bit to return to her happy self. I love snuggles with my girl :)
She is the world's biggest klutz and trips on thin air! One of these days she'll have walking down pat.
She's not a really picky eater, but we have figured out what she likes and doesn't like. She would live off of bottles if we let her!
She loooooves her pacifier and grabs handfuls of them when I take her out of her crib in the morning and after naps. That's gonna be fun to wean her off of soon....
She loooooooves to read! It's so funny! She has about 7 different books that she rotates through (even though we have dozens of books, she has her 7 favorite). She runs and sits in my lap with a book and helps me turn the pages as I read to her the same book over and over and over again. It really is precious and something I need to catch on camera so I can scrapbook it.
She hates being in the stroller but is okay in her carseat, for awhile.
I was worried that she hasn't been saying very many things, but then we sat down and started listing them off and she knows waaaaay more words than Fox did at 18 months! Go Jane :)
uh oh
nana - banana
thank you
one, two, three
all done
bobble - bottle
ship - sip
wake up
car beep beep
Woody (as in Toy Story)
Raaaaawr! (like a monster)
hot (then blows to cool it off)
bless you (after a sneeze)
five (as in she wants a “high five”)
Paige (yes, my daughter calls me by my first name!)
boom (when she wants me to sing the canon song from the base)
Jaaaaane (when she knows she’s done something bad)
Shhh (as we're walking down the stairs in the morning and Fox is still sleeping)
yup (extra emphasis on the "p" - my favorite thing she says, it's so cute)
When we ask: What does the fox say? ringdingdingdingding
When we ask: What does a pig (or any animal) say? oink oink

She has some fun tricks up her sleeve. We ask, "What does a ghost say?" and she raises her arms and goes, "Booooooo!"
She is the ultimate mama's girl. She would soooo much rather be with me than with Chris - I'm sure it's a phase. It's kind of sad, but it sure does make me feel loved! I can't be very far away or she has a meltdown. Every time I leave the room she follows me screaming "waaaaaait!"

She eats apples whole. In their entirety. Core and all...
She absolutely adores Fox and is starting to "play" with him, when he lets her. When she's not following me she's following him and tries to do everything that he does. 
The dynamic duo known as Fox & Jane.

That being said, he is still a "big brother." In the past six months Fox has jammed her in the face with a toy stroller and scarred her face permanently, chipped her front tooth with a bottle, and basically does the whole big brother thing of shoving and pushing and hitting. I have to keep a careful eye on these two. Most of the time they play really well together, but they do have their moments.

Yay for hair milestones! Her hair is growing like a weed and went from couldn't do anything to it except decorate with bows to being able to make piggies, a ponytail, getting bangs, and a messy top knot, in just six months! Next step: braids!
She is a lucky girl and has traveled to 7 countries her short 18 months!
She has like 8 teeth coming in right now poor girl.
A typical day in the life of Jane:
6:00am - wake up, a little too early if you ask me!
6:30am - breakfast of an assortment of cereals. She still sits in a high chair. 
7:00am - play with me and Fox
8:30am - nap time!
10:00am - run errands with me
11:30am - lunch, like pasta or pizza or chicken nuggets and fries
12:00 - play with me and Fox
1:30pm - nap time!
3:30pm - watch a show with Fox
5:00pm - dinner of smaller portions of whatever we're having
6:30pm - bath time
7:00pm - bed time!

Oh sweet Jane, we love you so!


  1. She is just the sweetest girl!!! LOVING all the photos and milestones!! Happy 18 months Jane!!!!

  2. Great post! I wish Jane loved me back as much as I love her! :) She is definitely partial to her mommy right now.

  3. Oh what a sweet post and the nacy blue outfit is just adorable! I've got an ear worm now for that dang fox song...haha

  4. Aw..happy 18th month, Jane! What a DARLING and SWEET girl! Her photos are absolutely delightful! How time flies... :)

  5. And she does the Skeleton Dance with her big brother so well! Happy 18 months, Janey girl!

  6. That last picture is such a great one of both of you!

    She is such a cutie, I can't believe how big she is getting.

    ...Also, London always tries to eat the cores of apples, and I thought that was so weird! So glad we are not alone in the struggle!! ;)

  7. How precious is she?! In love with your new blog design from my girl Whit too :)

  8. So sweet! It's funny, my 20 month old calls her dolls my first name ha ha.

  9. How cute that she yells "wait" when you leave the room. So cute! And those hair milestones are the best!!!

  10. Glad you've got a clinger. Uncle Jay won't have to harass me anymore. Next word: Aunt Bethany!


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